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After stumbling into the music world and being transformed into a cute cat-girl, Cyan jumps at the chance to fulfill her lifelong dream of joining a rock band. As the newest member of Plasmagica, Cyan joins Chuchu, Retoree and Moa as they face off against other bands striving for fame and fortune. Will the girls be able to see their names up in lights? Or are they doomed be one-hit wonders?

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Before I get started:I would like to say, this is a marmite anime, there are people who will love it and people who will think what the potato am I watching, and then there are people such as me who will think the latter while loving it, this is my honest review of Show By Rock!! I do not put spoilers in my reviews! Story:The story of this anime makes about as much sense as driving a nail through your foot and then calling yourself stubby, however that is it's charm, It starts out as your typical music loli sparkly thing type of anime, oh that isn't normal? yes this anime is pretty much weird from the start, this is what you get if K-On, Madoka Magica, Tokyo Mew Mew and Hello kitty have a child, it wants to be a music anime (something it does very well) the songs are excellent. however it also wants to be a magical girl anime, an action anime, a friendship anime, a drama anime and pretty much every anime genre you can fit a loli into, lolis are pretty small, they fit in a lot of things, anyway back to the original point, the story of this anime is not one you should take seriously, of course by now you probably realised that, It's an excellent story in my mind a little rushed but very heartwarming, in the same way watching a cat dance to music is heartwarming, to me the story was very gripping, like eating my favourite snack, I can never get enough of it. Animation:The animation seems to have some CGI WAIT DONT GO YET The CGI if that is what it is in this anime is extremely good, in fact it is better than most western CGI I have seen, the anime also has "mostly" traditional art styles and animation that we have come to get used to in previous years, this animation is excellent better than some of the top anime out there honestly, there is not much I can say about it other than it is very satisfying to watch, satisfying like drinking cola with your favourite snack. Sound:The sound is great, there is lots of music, yeah I know right? who would have thought, music on a music genre anime, crazy right? the voice acting is very good, not much I can say about that, the rest of the sound effects are great sparkly and the like magical girl style in a music anime, yeah i'm still trying to make sense of this anime, though sometimes whacky and weird, overall sound wise this anime gets a 9.5. Characters: Now here is where the anime is lacking a little, not in the character design or backgrounds but in the development, there is always something to be desired, don't get me wrong the characters are very relatable and lovable, however... there is just not much in terms of developing the characters, it all seems a bit rushed, for 12 eps it is understandable, however, do not let this get in your way of watching this anime, its an excellent watch if you are into whacky characters and lolis... lots of lolis. FINAL VERDICT: This anime was very enjoyable for me, I watched it to the end within 2 nights, it was whacky, weird and had me looking at my screen and pretty much thinking "what the heck is going on now?" while the anime doesn't seem to know what it wants to be, that it self is a charm, this is the sort of anime you want to watch when you do not want to think about anything and just want a no brains crazy weird nail to the brain.


Review is spoiler free!Show By Rock!! is your typical "cute girls doing cute music"-show in the veins of K-On!, Love Live! and BanG Dream!, or so I thought before watching the first episode of the show. This show has so many freaking things in it that it's honestly kind of impressive. The show has it all. Cute girls, handsome boys, action, ecchi, music, slice of life, drama, talking egg that looks like the Pringles-logo who is actually more than meets the eye, furry avatars, magical girl-transormation-scene of sorts. You name it and this show most likely has it included to some degree. Since this show is one huge clusterfuck that seemingly tries to apparently satisfy every possible democraphig under the weeb/otaku-banner I would assume you thinking that it possibly can't achieve it right now. And you're absolutely right, but despite of this this show is extremely enjoyable to watch and I'm happy to have watched it! This show is based on the mobile gacha + rhythm-game, which surprisingly I haven't played before. This is unusual since I freaking love my gacha-rhythm-games. I will definitely check the game out after getting through rest of the seasons of the series. STORY: Story isn't honestly  anything to brag home about. Cyan Hijirikawa is a talented, but shy guitarist, who can't muster up the courage to join in their school's band club. After beating herself up over it she decides to start her epic gamer-hours, which turn out way more epic than she thought. She is teleported inside her favorite rhythm game, defeats a big monster terrorizing the citizens of this game-world with her new talking heart-shaped guitar and ends up as a new guitarist to all-girls band called Plasmagica. She also learns that her task is to save the town she now resides called Midi City from the monsters she saw before, beat-up the big meanie leading the big record label who wants to rule over the city and the whole world and maybe then get back to her own world. After this the stories in the anime are more episodic and range from beach-episodes to more dramatic-episodes, while they also build-up the overarching plot of the season before the final two episodes. The story isn't the best of the best, and most likely generic to many readers I personally enjoyed it well enough. It is your typical SoL-stuff that's spiced up with some drama, action and other elements. If comedic SoL and gacha rhythm-game stories are something you enjoy then you will most likely have fun time with this show. However if you're expecting K-On! 2.0 from the show you most likely will be disappointed.ANIMATION: I'm still bit surprised how Bones clearly put some effort to this show. It looks really good for the most part and the animation and art are both really solid. 3D-segments are also fairly good-looking, but transitions between the 2D and 3D-parts look really off like almost always. Animation won't blow your mind away, but it is really fitting to this type of show.SOUND: Since we are talking about music-anime here the music is definitely one of the biggest aspects of the show, and I'm glad to say that it is really good.Every band has their unique style. Plasmagica is pretty traditional, upbeat and cheesy J-pop/rock, ShinganCrimsonZ represents more heavier rock/Visual Kei-sound in the show, Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan has traditional Japanese folk-sound to their music, Trichronica is... Basically one bishounen man pop-show with two extras playing the bass and drums and last major band Criticrista is a band created from the young students of the most prestigious music academy, and they also make cute, fluffy, traditional pop like Plasmagica, and also the main competitor to Plasmagica.Songs in the show from every band are great, but I personally enjoyed ShinganCrimsonZ, Plasmagica's and Criticrista's music the most. ShinganCrimsonZ also had the advantage of having of Kishou Taniyama voicing their lead singer, whom many probably recognize as the singer of the band GRANRODEO.OP and ED songs are upbeat songs by Plasmagica and the visuals also showcases this. They are blast to listen and watch, but I gotta admit that those overly-cheesy, fluffy, lovey-dovey lyrics of the OP made me smile more than they probably should've. Voice acting is great, with many recognizable seiyuus voicing the characters. They all do their job well and I honestly don't have nothing to complain about it. CHARACTERS: If I'd go into all the characters represented in the show we'd be here the whole day, so I'm going to do a little speedrun with them:Members of Plasmagica got the most screen-time and hence why they also were the ones that I attached to the most. I really liked each and every one of them and as a filthy yuri-shipper that I am I started to ship Cyan and Retoree quite early on.ShinganCrimsonZ is full of edgy goofballs + one full-time employee, big brother character keeping the rest of the group in check and I love it! I also really liked each and every character of this band and thought that they had the funniest moments in the show. Characters from other major bands are fairly standard and generic. You don't really get to see them a lot and they fall to different stereotypes pr their personalitites are basically determined by some random trait they have. However there still were bunch of characters I really liked. For example that one member with green hair from Criticrista who's name I totally forgot. She has a weird trait of getting depressed if she dries up too much? (lol so random amirite?). This random trait makes her the punchline of one singular joke that results to one of the most random Ashita no Joe-references I've ever seen, and I admittedly laughed when all this was happening.Overall characters result to your basic gacha-game characters to some more better developed gacha-game-characters. I'm sure that each and every viewers can find at least one or two character here that they will like!OVERALL:Show by Rock!! is enjoyable and fun little show for people who enjoy SoL and music-shows. It is hard to recommend to everyone since it definitely is generic, run-of-the-mill stuff to anyone who isn't into cute girls making cute music-stuff or handsome boys making... Handsome music?-stuff, but to anyone who knows what they are getting into with this show I can definitely give it a thumbs up!ANIME-PLANET SECRET SANTA 2021-REVIEW

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