Shouwa Monogatari TV

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Shouwa Monogatari TV

The original story follows the human drama of the Yamazaki family in Tokyo in the Year Showa 39 (1964) — the year that the city hosted the Summer Olympics.

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What a great little show! This is slice of life at its absolute best, a portrait of a Japanese family who runs a small business during the 1960's. I'm a huge fan of accurate period shows of any kind, but this one really does justice to the times. Story: Episodic, with all of the stories referencing the time period. Three-wheeled trucks, tension between hand-made and machine-made industries, black TV giving way to color, old radios, memories of the war, the Olympics, baseball. Additionally, the episodes each show some kind of strain or tension being placed on the family and showcases how they deal with it. Anyone who's grown up in a lively household will easily identify relatable events, themes, and characters. Animation: This actually came out in 2011, which I didn't realize until after I watched it. It is typical slice-of-life, decently animated, and utilizes the usual pastel-esque color palate. I appreciated the attention to period details in terms of machinery, and I assume that the same goes for the character designs and clothing. Sound: I loved that each episode started with a popular 1960's song and some or all of the characters singing along. Characters: Mom, dad, three kids, grandma, employee, neighbors. Basic characters who played solid roles. I found their behavior to be very human and not at all tropey. They all grew together by the end. Overall: If you like slice-of-life or taking a peek back into the 20th century, this show will float your boat and take you back to the good and bad times you had growing up. Nice to know that family is always family, no matter the era.

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