Shounen Onmyouji

TV (26 eps)
2006 - 2007
Fall 2006
3.799 out of 5 from 3,865 votes
Rank #2,263

Being the insignificant heir to a talented family is rough, especially for someone who has little of his own talents and honestly desires to live up to the family name. Masahiro is the young grandson of the famed Abe no Seime. Although most consider him to be little in the face of his older male relatives, Masahiro is certain he can not only continue the family legacy but that he can stand in his own right as an Onmyouji. With the assistance of his friend Mokkun, he works to increase his skills and abilities as a spiritual protector and guide. With a great deal of will and the quiet assistance of his insightful grandfather, he will become a force of good in the battle against encroaching evil.

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This is one of those animes that i will start watching thinking that im going to hate it, then start loving it and then by the last episode i will hate it and promise myself that i wouldn't watch it ever again. (then i watch it years later thinking that its really much better than what my childlish eyes could see and saddly realise that really i was right, that this anime is a strange combernation for crap and gold all mixed into one, and sadly it gose from god to bad).    To sum up the anime i would have to say that its weird, all through-out the anime you will question the everything and if your like me, then you will start to hate serent factors for the anime by the end of the first episode. Like the dub version ITS GODDAMM TERRIBLE!!!! some of the worse i have ever heard, and thats sayung something. Also the love interest, she is so unlikeable, its also funny. the way she speaks and how pointless she is will make you question way the 'hero' even bothers to save her.   Now to talk about the verion that you can watch. like i have said this anime is dubbed but is also subeed and i have had the painful pleasure of watching both and i would have to say that if you do want to watch this anime then please watch the sub, becasue the dub is ear bleedingly fawful. to the point were is couldnt take the storyline serisorly when i tried to watch it. everyone sound lie they have been smoking something and it will make you hate the story and the anime, if you try to watch in in the dubbed. I dont know what they were thinkng when they made this, but they must have all been high, and couldnt give a f**k about how its sounds. IT REALLY IS THAT BAD.  The good points about the anime:- its fearly beautiful and, the fight scenes are good (not perfect) and the characters are somewhat likely. i found that the side spirts anf the main spirt where the only things i like, with SPOLIER the dragon begin my favorist, even thought she is only in 2 episodes.  The prombles are:- that the story is horrible, the ending is painful that lazy (SPOLIER losing merory and stuff like that to end a anime is a load of crap, its not a real finish, all it dose if anger the viewer). The chararters are sometimes a pain (princess, and main role). the script can be slow and boring and the music isnt that great. the human are all annoying and the reasons w=why they do anything is just werid. i wanted to have the main role really do something with the spirts, like his grandfather dying and he has to fight his own demons and culd to grips with filling out his grandfather shose, whilst protecting everyone. but instead i got a poorly put together that didnt invest me at all. by the end i really could care what happened to antone in the show, and that made me sad because it could have been really good.   i cant say that the show is horrinble, because i have watched it twice, but i can say that its one what i regret watching anf wont see again. I hope that you may have found this helpful, but dont let what i say stop you, give it a try and watch about 4 episode and f you dont like it by then, then stop because trust me, it will only it worse for you.   

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