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A story about love.

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Shitcom...yeah uhm...first let me explain why I watched this 'show'.While browsing through the crude taglist I thought it would be funny to check out the lowest rated show from the bunch. Maybe it would be so bad that it would be funny, so voila there was Shitcom. After seeing its length of only 1 minute I thought 'why the hell not'. Unfortunately I did not give any second thought about the title being SHITcom, nor that it might have been legit that it was the worst rated crude show out there.That was a mistake I have paid dearly for. Since the show is only 1 minute long it is kinda hard to explain the storyline without revealing the punch line. Although that might do you a favor (hint: the title of the show).Anyways, the story starts with some classical music in the background after which we see a man and a woman having dinner at a restaurant. During that dinner the man proposes but the woman has ... well... let`s leave it at stomach issues, which leads to a rather unfortunate and embarrassing accident. Many many many people will be disgusted by this accident, luckily I don`t get disgusted easily but it simply wasn`t funny either...not even a tiny bit? No not funny at all, rather it was childish, really childish, like some elementary kid made the show. Than you might wonder, why did you rate this show so high, except for the overall rating? Well...if you take the high pressure hose and some febreze to clean away the filth it is not that bad of a show. The underlying story about the love between the man and woman can be considered as romantic. The man loves her even with her flaws and proves this by putting her at her ease after the accident. Because of this I`ve given the story and characters a not too shabby 3 / 10 and 4 / 10 points. The animation, it is actually not animated, it is a stop motion video where the characters are made out of clay. Although this is not my taste it is rather unique and it proves the creator did put some time into this, more as the rest may let you believe. The clay figures are not that bad, but I`ve seen better. Music, it is only a minute long so we get to hear only 1 song, Luigi Boccherini's Minuet from String Quintet. Classical music, can`t go wrong right? You're right, unfortunately half of the song is covered by some 'unflattering' sounds. OverallI do get the concept of the story which is a rather romantic. However, the way how their love is portrayed is disgusting and childish. AND NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!It is a horrible video, not horrible funny and not even funny horrible, just plain HORRIBLE. So my advice, DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW, even if it is only a minute long, it is a minute wasted of you're life and the aftertaste it leaves in you're mouth (see what I did there?) may last longer as the entire video. PSFor those smarty pants out there, yes this review has cost me a lot more as a minute or two from my life. But I can only hope this review will repel some people from watching this video. If so than I have fulfilled my duty to inform the public about this horrible horrible 'show' which gives anime a bad image.


The short and simple, yet deep and meaningful story of SHITCOM.My biggest tip for you is; Don't let the name fool you. STORY We all wish to meet our one true love, our soulmate, our forever partner. But what does that exactly mean? We have all different expectations, and if you are one of those who give dating-life a go, you might have experienced that these expectations and standards are not easily met. Shitcom is a brilliant story of two who were worried about these expectations, worried that their own insecurity might not be accepted by their potential partner. The hope of finding their perfect partner can make one anxious. What would happen if their perfect partner saw one of their flaws? ANIMATION It is stop-motion, which in itself means lots of hard work, effort and time has been put into this. Even if it's only one minute, you could expect them to have spent hours on this. First it is creating the design of the characters, then the props and lining it up. The flow of the animation is swift and has little issues. Truly amazing. The effects that are seen in the film is also outstanding.Nothing can really be compared to this. SOUND The sound is magnificent. I am surprised it has not won any awards. It fits well with the scenario and helps bring the story to a whole other level. It conveys the feelings of the characters, their inner emotion and the overall scene. Brilliant work by amazing artists. It is a shame they are not more known in todays society. CHARACTERS The characters are what truly makes everything special. Their traits, their story and how they are able to convey all the emotion and purpose without the use of a single word. If this is not a masterpiece, I do not know what is.

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