Shiroi Kiba: White Fang Monogatari

TV Special (1 ep x 73 min)
3.566 out of 5 from 33 votes
Rank #4,834
Shiroi Kiba: White Fang Monogatari

White Fang is born on the plains of Alaska to a wolf father and a half-wolf, half-dog mother. One day he and his mother run into an Alaskan inuit boy Mit-sah, who has long dreamed of a dog of his own, and by a marvellous twist of fate, the wolves are taken in by him and his father. But life in Alaska is harsh for humans and wolves alike, and as winter comes, hardships lie in waiting for White Fang and Mit-sah. Facing the extreme coldness of their habitat and that of humans' greedy hearts, the two journey towards what they hope to be a happier environment.

Source: ANN

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