Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu

OVA (2 eps)
3.106 out of 5 from 497 votes
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Students Tokitou Minoru and Kubota Makoto are members of the executive committee of the student council at their school, Araiso Private High School. Their duties are to ensure that the school is safe and the students behave themselves. Licensed to fight and intimidate when needed, the duo takes care of any and all of the problems of their high school, along with the other members of the committee. With rash tempers, flirting and violent behavior abounding, Tokitou and Kubota will help keep the peace at Araiso Private High School – or fight trying!

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Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu, known also by its English (and much shorter) name Executive Committee is a two episode OVA done by the artist Kazuya Minekura. As much as I personally loved the OVA, the story isn't anything special and deserves a slightly lower ranking of 6. The plots are basic, and done plenty of times in other anime, but still have a mix of other elements to make it a bit unique. The animation is another thing. The character animation allows you to easily see that Minekura focuses more on the male character rather than the female. That overlaps slightly in the character section. The character designs are unique to Minekura, and the animation is rather fluid when it has scenes that involve lots of action (whether that's fighting or not I'll leave up to you to find out).Sound was this OVA's second best strong suit, in my opinion. Both the opening and the ending were sun by the same person who also happened to be the actor for one of the two main characters. The opening and ending go together to form a sort of mix, with the opening as an upbeat and catchy song and with the ending as a slower, slightly calmer song to wind you down.The biggest part of the Executive Committee OVA has to be the characters. When I saw this OVA I immediately thought of the anime Saiyuki (done by the same artist) and how that show is driven more by character rather than plot. That was what I saw in this show. The plots are usually so small that the characters pretty much have to lead. You can't figure out a ton about the personalities of the characters considering it's just a two episode OVA, but you get the outline as well as most of the relationships between the characters. The two females who have actual speaking roles aren't exactly the most...feminine in appearance, considering Minekura seems to focus her attention on her male characters instead, but you can still tell their gender.Overall I'd have to give this OVA a 7.5/10 even though it's one of my personal favorites. The characters are the largest part of the OVA as they seem to just rule it  completely, while everything else takes a sort of back seat. Still, Executive Committee has plenty of humor and delivers it quite well, and isn't meant to be taken completely seriously.

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