Shinzo OVA

Alt title: Mushrambo OVA

OVA (2 eps x 90 min)
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Shinzo OVA

In the 22nd century, humanity came under attack by its own creation: the genetically-engineered Enterrans. While most of the population was wiped out, a scientist executed his final plan: to put his daughter, Yakumo, into stasis for five hundred years so that she may restore peace and humanity to the world. Now, in the present, Yakumo has awakened and begins her search for Shinzo, the legendary sanctuary that houses the last of mankind. She is joined by three friendly Enterrans - Mushra, Sago, and Kutal - but the remaining Enterrans believe that she is an evil monster and would like her dead. Together with her new friends, Yakumo will search for a path to Shinzo, all the while battling unfriendly enemies along the way.

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