Shin Seikimatsu: Yatsuto no Souguu

Alt title: Encounters With That Kind

Web (5 eps x 5 min)
2.034 out of 5 from 33 votes
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Shin Seikimatsu: Yatsuto no Souguu

In the corner of the universe, there was a small planet where creatures called men flourished. Doomsday finally looms near to this planet where destruction and creation have occurred repeatedly. The great king of terror appears from the sky and the mankind faces the end.

Source: Anime Bancho

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jimance Feb 9, 2019
Score 8/10

I would not be able to explain this show in one word, its just too obserd. Without going into too much detail, this is a stop motion animation about a woolly pink monster (The King of Terror) and a mech suit (The Savior) looking for humans on an apocolyptic planet after putting their differences aside. The story kind of plays along like a '90s kaiju sci fi with intense fight scenes and special effects and... read more


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