Sherlock Hound

Alt title: Meitantei Holmes

TV (26 eps)
1984 - 1985
3.606 out of 5 from 473 votes
Rank #2,762

In the late nineteenth century, Sherlock Hound is a crafty canine with a penchant for sleuthing. Alongside his trusty sidekick Watson, Sherlock Hound will solve the hardest of cases with ease. Whether it’s tracking down the origin of green balloons, helping launch the start of an air mail service from London to Paris, or tracking down a missing gold statue, Sherlock Hound will always get to the bottom of things – that is, if the wily Moriarty and his henchmen don’t get in the way!

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The Four Signatures image

Episode 1

The Four Signatures

The Crown of Mazalin image

Episode 2

The Crown of Mazalin

A Small Client image

Episode 3

A Small Client

Mrs. Hudson is Taken Hostage image

Episode 4

Mrs. Hudson is Taken Hostage

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle image

Episode 5

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

The Green Balloon image

Episode 6

The Green Balloon

A Sacred Image Disappears image

Episode 7

A Sacred Image Disappears

The Speckled Band image

Episode 8

The Speckled Band

Treasure Under the Sea image

Episode 9

Treasure Under the Sea

The White Cliffs of Dover image

Episode 10

The White Cliffs of Dover

The Sovereign Gold Coins image

Episode 11

The Sovereign Gold Coins

The Stormy Getaway image

Episode 12

The Stormy Getaway

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angelsreviews's avatar
angelsreviews Aug 6, 2013
Score 6/10

I love this anime ever since I got it from my local Library. I found it by accident while looking for a different video (which seemed to not actually be there) and so picked it up.

At first, I thought this was going to be serious like all the other Sherlock Homes creations out there but this is like a children’s version of the story. It feels strange to see Professor Moriarty actually taking part... read more

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