She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man

Alt title: Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja

TV (12 eps)
3.367 out of 5 from 3,440 votes
Rank #8,905

Sakimori Kagami has woken up in the world of Arch Earth Online, a VRMMORPG he's been playing intensely for a long time. The catch? He made some adjustments to his character when he last logged on, which he thought he hadn't saved. Instead of his normal avatar of an old, bearded sorcerer, he's in the body of a young woman! Now he must convince the people of this world that he--she--is a pupil of the wiseman who vanished without a trace thirty years ago.

Source: Seven Seas

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I have seen this show get dragged across the mud for various reasons. I've seen some go as far to say it's the worst anime of Spring 2022. For the reason, I was curious and across 3 days started and completed the series. My conclusion? I don't think it's as bad as some. Don't get me wrong, this series has some major flaws, but it wasn't the trainwreck I anticipated.Quick Synopsis: Danblf, known as the all powerful "one man army" has lost his sage-like appearance and is now a small girl known as Mira who isn't taken all that seriously. He (or she) now has to not only regain a lost reputation, but now find all the other 8 wisemen as well, while defending the kingdom and surrounding areas.First let's talk about the bad: Some characters, like Flicker in particular, are creepy and useless. The "whole wise man gets turned into a girl" premise is creepy as well. I'd say the creepiness isn't as bad as some other series (Assassin's Pride for example I had to stop at Episode 2 becasue of how creepy it was), but it's still a negative.The other negative has to be the animation. I must say, the animators must've been on a budget because I've never seen a series use this many still frames. I'm not just talking about background characters or those who aren't in the middle of speaking either. I'm talking about how the frame will be stuck on 2 characters for up to 5 seconds, usually at the beginning of the scenes and even the middle of the scenes. It bugged me a little, to the point I got distracted from the events of some of the episodes.The humor of the series can be iffy at best. The salamander scene where Hinata's cute salamander is triumphed by Mira's behemoth dragon-like one? That was funny. The pee jokes that are prevalent in more than one episode? Not funny.Now some postitives: I thought the actual premise, if it weren't for the creepy element, was interesting. A hero who has been essentially awoken from a long sleep has to convince those of his powers? It's a cool synopsis. I like the adventurous aspect, where our main character, Danblf or Mira or whichever name you want to use, essentially meets new people in new lands, some of which are old friends who don't recognize her, and proves her powers as Danblf to them, without revealing her original identity. There were some heartwarming moments as well, such as Zef getting to talk to his deceased sister through the Mirror of Darkness, and Tact, a young boy who thought his parents were dead after not seeing them for years, finds out they are still alive and now has a purpose to find out where they are.In general, I thought this series was okay. I admittedly came in expecting it to be bad, and it surprised me a little. The humor is very hit or miss, the storyline is as well, but I think you could do worse. This series has some things going for it. The setup for a season 2 is very intriguing, with 7 of the wisemen still not encountered. Would I watch a season 2? I would. If this series removed the potty humor and toned now some of the creepier elements (such as characters like Flicker) it would score higher.

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