She and Her Cat: Everything Flows

Alt title: Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows

TV (4 eps x 8 min)
4.163 out of 5 from 2,515 votes
Rank #829
She and Her Cat: Everything Flows

The anime will portray the life of the girl, a junior college student job hunting while living alone with her pet black cat.

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I'll premise this by saying I've grown up with cats, and that makes a bit biased when it comes to cat-based stories. I had watched the original anime, "She and her Cat" back in February, and this particular anime could be considered the prequel. But enough about that, on with the review! Story: The story is actually a non-story. As the tale is told from the cat's perspective, a lot of the girl's problems are seen through a different light. The female lead is a college-age student who has just lost her roommate and refuses to move back in with her mother and new step-father. She goes through a lot of hardship finding a job and trying to be on her own, and all of the story is told from Daru's perspective, which is kind of neat. It reminded me a lot of a book called "The Art of Racing in the Rain", which has a similar premise and a dog narrator.  Animation: The animation is lovely, if a little devoid of detail. Personally, I thought the animation suited the story being told. Had it been too flashy or detailed, it would have distracted from Daru's story. The simplicity of the animation lends a lot to the story being told from a cat's point of view, since a cat isn't going to worry too much about things outside of his range of vision.  Sound: The OST is very melancholy, but pretty. It sets a lot of the tone for the anime, and honestly, it was the OST that actually got me to tear up in this anime.  Characters: Ok, so how can an anime excel at characterization when the main character is a cat? Daru has a lot of development, a decent backstory, and his personality is shown through his interaction with the female lead. The other characters are shown from his perspective, but are given enough detail to make them interesting. The female lead has a lot of depth for an anime with a run time of 32 minutes.  Overall: Go hug a cat. 


Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers Ah, this anime made me want to cry like a little girl again but anyway this is my review for She and Her Cat: Everything Flows. It follows the story of Girl and Daru (her cat) in their little life together, through thick and thing, apparently this is based off a 5 minute short anime which I need to check out soon :3 STORY The story is limited, due to it still being a short anime but this had so much character development for the girl and the fact it is in Daru's view makes it so unique and honestly I really enjoyed it. However if I were to go into any more details I would ruin the series but it was sweet. That last episode was just perfect T^T ANIMATION The animation was really good, I haven't got many complaints, it was to a high quality considering that they probably didn't have much of a budget. There were still things I thought could of been improved, like shots further out but many anime I've seen have had this. SOUND was just so relaxing (the sound that is), it fitted the theme of the anime completely and I felt like there wasn't anything that should of really been changed in terms of the opening and ending. The voiceacting as well was good overall and not really any complaints in this area xx CHARACTERS The characters, I haven't really got much to say as there weren't that many characters I an really speak about in much detail. Our narrator is Daru, the girls cat, and I found that this was an interesting way to present things and was a nice addition to the anime. Girl, our troubled girl, was quite a basic character but it was sweet what she was to the story. Overall another short review, I want to add more but there isn't really much to say,other than watch won't be disappointed. -AngelBeatsYui- PS This was for the April 2016 Monthly Marathon

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