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In a world where most of the planet has been taken back by Mother Nature and Tokyo has become the world's largest "Jungle-opolis," a young girl named Kuniko has to lead the Anti-Government group known as Metal-Age against Atlas, a powerful and pristine city of wealth and technology. Gradually, Kuniko begins to question whether or not Atlas and its people are really cruel; only when she and her guardians infiltrate Atlas does Kuniko truly gain perspective. Why is the government so set on letting the lower city of Duomo live off of scraps, when the tower city of Atlas has more than enough room for everybody?

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PurplePeopleEater Aug 7, 2014
Score 5/10

Overall, the plot was full of holes, the characters were in need of development, and the relationships weren’t well developed, if developed at all. In some cases, it felt like we knew more about minor characters than main characters. Some of the minor characters actually seemed more developed that the main ones. There were a lot of conflicts and events that seemed related only by the thinnest of strings... read more

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roriconfan Nov 6, 2012
Score 3/10

Shangri-La came out at a time when people were finally beginning to realize what a crapfest studio GONZO was all along. It took them 10 years but after the repeated failures even the fanboys started to have their doubts. So as soon as this show is announced, most tried to find some hints that may lead to the series being good for a change. The cover picture sure didn’t look promising, since all we see is... read more

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