Shakugan no Shana III

TV (24 eps)
2011 - 2012
Fall 2011
4.079 out of 5 from 10,281 votes
Rank #1,285
Shakugan no Shana III

Yuuji disappeared the fateful night he was supposed to choose between a life combatting evil by Shana's side or as a normal teenager. He returns from near-death to lead the Crimson Denizens in a dubious plot to bring peace to the universe - but Shana isn't fooled. In an explosive reunion, the fiery warrior faces her unlikeliest of foes while Flame Hazes from across the world join forces to ignite a war that will determine the fate of all supernatural kind.

Source: Funimation

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WORST SEASON EVER. Right from the beginning, nothing in this third season makes sense. Nothing from the previous seasons suggested any of the new events. The change in the main character doesn't make sense. I don't care what they claim the reason to be, the fact is, in the situation they described, it is highly unlikely that there would be such a dramatic change in him. I'm a psych major and I'm telling you right now, nothing from the previous seasons suggested his character would ever change like that in such a situation. Not to mention, the change in him is lame and annoying. I just want to punch the kid a hundred times everytime he showed up on my screen. Alot of the events were just confusing and hard to keep up with too. I just kept clicking the next episode button because I felt obliged to see it till the end, not because I actually wanted to watch it. Technically, I turned it off a few episodes before finishing it. I just couldn't take it anymore, and that's just sad. I can't say this show was ever very good and it certainly didn't meet my expectations. It was hard to get in to and stay in to since the beginning of season one. It had it's interesting moments, and it had a lot of moments where I just couldn't get interested in it at all. The animation is great, but the story and characters need some help. With this third season though, it's beyond hope. There is no redemption in my opinion. Overall, I say, DON'T BOTHER WATCHING! Just stick with the ending to season two. The ending for that season was actually decent. Season three will just ruin the whole thing. Better to just remember season twos seemingly nice ending.


(I originally wrote this review at another site when I had seen 22/24 episodes-I added in stuff on 23-24 at the end) Oh Shana, how low could you have gotten? I was a big Shana fan three years ago, and after hearing of the news of when season 3 was going to premier last Summer, I was overjoyed. Boy was I in for a surprise, massive disappointment. Shakugan no Shana III (Final) is J.C. Staff's third and final adaption of the popular Shakugan no Shana light novel series written by Yashichiro Takahashi. Shakugan no Shana is a hot series for J.C. Staff, with each volume of season 1 and season 2 having sold 10,000+ copies total, and with great reason. Shakugan no Shana was a very entertaining and interesting series with the first two seasons. Season 3 however, is a whole different beast (It's even selling on average 4,000 copies per volume on average, not 10,000+ like the successful first two seasons.). We start off with how Yuji has disappeared, and whether or not if he truly has had his flame burn out. This was interesting...for a while. One of the biggest issues early on with season 3 is time. They make no effort to explain when season 3 takes place (I.E. How long after the end of season 2.), and it proves to be a problem that just gets worse, confusing the viewer. Not to mention, something always associated with time, pacing. Shana III has an issue of making events either occur way too fast, or way too slow (Like slower than Dragon Ball Z almost at times.). This is very apparent during much of the first half, the war between the Flame Hazes, and the Bal Masque which also happens to be one of the most boring, if not the most boring war I've ever seen in an anime. Another problem with the series is character development, and lack of explanations as to what's going on. Season 3's biggest issue is adding too many characters at once, and then not even bothering to provide any back-story, thus causing the viewer to hardly care about them. They'll only really be attached to the characters they know and love from the first two seasons, except of course Yuji (I'll get to this later.). As the show goes on, this only gets worse and worse as they try to make you care with touching moments, but due to the lack of proper character development, this does nothing. The lack of explanations really is one of the biggest issues. It makes the show quite confusing, and leads to the viewer being quite bored. There are also many contradictions thanks to this. Now, Yuji. The Yuji you knew from seasons 1 and 2 is completely gone. For some, this may be a good thing, but for others, it's quite a bad thing. Basically early on he has The Snake of the Festival take over his body. We have no idea where Yuji was, or where The Snake of the Festival came in which goes back to the issue of the lack of explanations and time. The Snake of the Festival later takes over as leader of the Bal Masque (As he was their former boss before he was sealed away.), and his goal first is to free his old body (Which of course, is a giant snake.), and he has another thing up his sleeve (He reveals this during the war.) which I won't post about due to spoilers. The sound and art (Well, it's not as good, but it works.) are pretty much on par with the first two seasons, and they're what help hold this show up from being a 3/10 show or lower. It helps make the show still somewhat enjoyable. They're the best things about the show, which is such a shame. The entertainment value is there, but not much. A few episodes I've found have been quite a chore to watch even. Overall, Shana III is a massive disappointment, and only devoted Shana fans will really have any reason to watch this, the main one being just to finish the story (This is the only reason why I haven't dropped it, I really want to see the end.). I may edit this after I see the end, but I don't expect this show to get much better. Edit 3/30/2012 after seeing episodes 23 and 24 (The original part of the review was on 1-22): Episode 23 didn't really help the show (It suffered from the same problems that are very apparent in the series), but episode 24 was worth watching (It's pretty much the only episode really worth watching). We get a decent enough ending which actually resulted in some decent character development.


Warning: All my reviews are based off of memory. Heavy Spoilers. Half of this is an objective review while the other half is a rant on other people's reviews. Ah. Shakugan no Shana III. Honestly the best out of the three (and the omakes and movies and OVAS and everything else) seasons in my opinion, Shakugan no Shana III was satisfactory. Shakugan no Shana III was interesting to say the least. It did seem as if the writer (or whoever the hell was making the story) was running out of ideas just a little bit. Yuuji's betrayal from Shana to accomplish a task and the ending where they go to that... place, thingy. If you like one major plot twist and an ending like everyone's gone, watch this I guess. But, to be honest, that is a bit of a sad ending. How Yuuji and Shana leave the human world forever and Yuuji's mother develops a fetus that is initially replacing him... I mean, shit man. They'll be living forever in that artificial world now :| Animation. Oh my favorite thing to describe. Animation improved a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean, A LOT. Everyone was paying attention to Yuuji's change in the first episode while I was that one lonely dude admiring how the graphics have changed. Sure, it's been a few years since the last season, but it's still an improvement. Shakugan no Shana III was able to keep with its good soundtrack, and the opening for III is my favorite of the series by far (including Shakugan no Shana S of which I will NOT review). Ok. Now, a lot of people say that Yuuji's change was unneeded and should have stuck to his original (if possible, a better) character. I think Yuuji's [new] character is more suited for something like this. It made the story more exciting. And Shana's longing for him to come back, oh yes, story! And the ending, where the two characters could FINALLY be loved, OH YES. HOT DAD. Alright here's my rant Political correctness aside, I really hate idiots. So, one review I saw here on SnS III was from some dude (or girl, like I care; the girl should be making my sandwich; yes, a mysoginistic joke) who gave SnS III an overall score of 1/10. Now, I read a bit further, maybe he had a bit of an explanation, but no. He stated he had no idea what was going on, from the story, to the characters. Look, sweetie, the story changed nicely- it's been a few months, it's called a time skip. And Yuuji's change can happen to people, I mean, this is an anime, not real life ya dip f*ck. How do I know this takes place a few months after? Did you see THAT hair? Did you ever think to assume? This didn't happen in like, 3 f*cking days. Alright, there, I'm done. I'm going to go steal a lambo and run over the baffoons that made those reviews. Satire aside, this was my review to Shakugan no Shana III. Thank you for reading, and please don't make a witch hunt for me, this is just an otaku's opinion. Story: Above average Animation: Fantastic Soundtrack: Fantastic Characters: Above aveage

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