Shadows House 2nd Season

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Second season of Shadows House

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Shadows House is one of those animes that really warranty better attention them it receive, first season started slow but it built up momentum and ended on a great spot. while season two follow up on the events, due to lack of need to introduce the world second season is far more enjoyable.  taking its time to work upon the main cast and others. If you felt like season 1 lacked char development you'll find it on season 2.but lets break down stuff a bit.Animation/sound.Not outstanding but pretty solid, you might not remember this show for the art but it wont ever disppoint you either. Still character designs are pretty good, with such a big amount of people its easy to forget who everyone is but their unique design make it easy to spot and remeber most of them, and all with details that flash points in their personality as well. Great Op and ED wich follows the mood of th show pretty well and all the V.A cast make a great job. Wich is important on a show mostly focused on charachters and mistery.Story:Hard to talk about an ongoing mistery, but season 2 focus mostly on building up on the consequences of season 1 them on the bigger overeaching plot. characters persona and relationships are solidified. Wich sincerely is the greatest part of the show. The mistery is still there, we get a lot more pieces to add to the scene and it still exciting so dont worry if you loved season one for it its just not the main focus of the plot.characters:i'll repeat myself but this is the greatest part of the show, season two takes a lot more time to flash out kate's trouope and the star bearers wich makes the house look a lot more alive and the plot more complex, objectives, what drives them. High chances you will change your opnion about a lot of people.conclusion:Season one was great, season 2 is perfect. Simply because it chose to do one thing and it did really well. 


Shadow's house is like one of those underrated nobody knows much about kinda shows but are just as good as the next season of AOT one of the best anime's to ever be produced, if not better. The anime itself is almost a reflection of The Promised Neverland of what it could have been as the protagonists are mainly children but what makes Shadows house better is the pacing the overall understanding plot of the story - biased opinion.  STORY I stumbled upon Shadows House season one after watching a tik tok just 10 seconds long of the mirroring the shadow and the face and immediatly I was drawn to the anime. It just shows that such a little bit of content from the anime is enough to make people want to watch it. I finnished season one yonks after it was first made as I had discovered it just then and when I found out season two was coming out fairly soon I knew it woldnt be disappointing. Shadows house continues the plot perfectly from season 1, with mystery , thrill and a tad of comedy and childish romance. Some answers were answered and it was fullfilling to undertsnad their world and how it came to be. But what made it all come together was the character developemt, sometimes I would be bouncing up and down waiting for my favourite characters to come on scene or when the shadows mirrored the faces it was thrilling to watch and it kept me wanting more.  The fact Shadows House makes you want more is what makes this anime an easy top 10. SOUND I dont know about you but I became OBSESSED with the opening Shall We Dance and listened to the song on repeat. It was one of those anime's I wouldnt skip the intro for, the chosen singer and the song for the season was NAILED and immediatly created the atmosphere of uneasines as the song hinted the mystery before the episodes even begun. OVERALL dont walk. RUN.

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