Shadows House

TV (13 eps)
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High atop a cliff sits the mansion known as Shadows House, home to a faceless clan that pretends to live like nobles. They express their emotions through living dolls that also endlessly clean the home of soot. One such servant, Emilico, aids her master Kate as they learn more about themselves and the mysteries of the house.

Source: Funimation

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Imagine The Promised Neverland, but just the first season and a lot more well thought. This is Shadows House. It pains me that someone already added a review to this anime. Not to be dramatic, but this is one of the best things my eyes have ever been exposed to, and I really wanted to be the first one to tell the world about it. Oh well, now I think the only thing left to me is to just hop into this review already. First off, I will start talking about the story. I have already read the manga but don't worry, I will keep this spoiler free. Here we follow Emilico, a living doll whose only life purpose is to be the face of and serve her shadow master, Kate-sama. That's because these shadow masters are beings whose bodies are entirely black, but who have the same silhouettes of their dolls. The living doll's faces are the only way a shadow can show their emotions, the only way they can be complete. Quite the strange premise, right? But trust me, that is just the tip of the iceberg. At the beginning of the story, you are going to be confused, left completely in the dark, much as our protagonist Emilico. It starts a bit slow, just fuelling your curiosity, adding suspense and making you think "there might be something weird going on here". But as time goes, you will discover that the world of Shadows House is much more complex than it seemed when your horizons were still limited by the walls that surround Kate and Emilico's bedroom. As for the characters, Shadows House has plenty of good ones. Emilico is a bubbly girl who cares a lot about other people, but who is very clumsy and has trouble fulfilling her role as a face. If you are like me and don't really dig this type of character, don't worry, Kate is there to be your more proactive and intelligent protagonist. They make a good balance of goofiness and seriousness and work really well as a duo. There are also some great side characters, two of them go through amazing character development and really will make you go from hating to loving them. Some great villains and all that jazz. Just to wrap this up, this anime has decent animation. It gets good when the scene calls for it, but nothing exceptional most of the time (as expected from CloverWorks). The soundtrack is also good, and the ending is superb. So, should you give this anime a chance? Absolutely. Even if you are not a fan of horror or mystery, don't worry, it's not THAT scary, and it still has some pretty funny and light-hearted moments! I love the manga and this is a great adaptation, it's a 10/10 for me in terms of entertainment.

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