Sgt. Frog

Alt title: Keroro Gunsou

TV (358 eps)
2004 - 2011
Spring 2004
3.944 out of 5 from 3,274 votes
Rank #1,847

As the mighty star fleet of the planet Keron prepare their invasion of Earth, Sergeant Keroro and his elite team of commandos have been sent to infiltrate the enemy strongholds and gather as much intelligence as possible. However, it seems even his extensive military training is no match for the forces of Earth, as he is discovered and captured by the two middle school siblings, Fuyuki and Natsumi. Submitted to the rigorous torture of housework duty, the amphibious Keroro must now bide his time, covertly locate his squad-mates, and resume his mission of conquest!

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This is probably one of the most random animes out there, but still a favorite of many.  The Story revolves around multiple characters, in the beginning, Fuyuki, who is just your average guy that is obsessed about supernatural things, Natsumi, the short tempered chick that has some serious cans of kick-ass locked away somewhere...  And out beloved Sergeant, Keroro, the quirky sergeant that comes up with plans to pay off his massive debt, and spends his entire weapon budget on cheap gundam models.  The Plot, wait... What? no plot? what kind of an anime is this then!!? the original plot is about Keroro and his Platoon (Code named A.R.M.P.I.T.) trying to take over the world known as Pekopon (which is secretly earth, but don't tell anyone I said that >_>).  Later on, you meet the rest of A.R.M.P.I.T., Corporal Giroro, the gunslinger who's trigger finger is as fiery as his short fuse and love for Natsumi; Sergeant Major Kululu, the mad scientist who has a slight perverted nature, and is hysterically sadistic; Private Second Class Tamama, the cute one of the platoon, who has SERIOUS Split personality syndrome, and has an obsessive crush in the Sergeant Keroro(which reoccurs throughout the series); Lance Corporal Dororo, Who is a ninja that loves the planet, and hope for, instead of enslaving Pekoponians, but causeing world peace and harmony; everyone forgets his existence.  And Finally, the horrible, the devastating, the one being that will make you fall out of your chair, THE LORD OF TERROR NAMED ANGOL MOIS! wait... The lord of terror is a chick, and a tan blonde one at that? and her weapon that can destroy the world in 3 minutes is a cell phone? (it isn't even an Iphone...)  moving on, since Sergeant is such a lovable idiot, he never does anything to move forward in the conquering of Ear- sorry, "Pekopon." anyway, If you like semi-serious anime, then watch the Japanese dub, but if you love obscure references, whether it be about Google, random actors, and other pop-culture, then watch the English Dub.Demonman905 Out!


Critic's Log - Earthdate: December 9, 2012. Review #??: Sgt. Frog Notice: This review is not complete at the moment but this is a review for what us Americans called "Season One" which consists of Episodes 1-26. Once I have finished Season Two, this review will be deleted and re-posted (with Season 2 info, analysis, and all that stuff). At the moment, I am taking a break from Sgt. Frog to review other shows and I will go back and forth and do more on this review. The rating might also change once I add in Season Two. With all that said, please enjoy the review Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. I happen to like anime to the extent that I like to review them after them. I also like surfing the web from time to time and play video games on my free time as well as reviewing anime. Enough with the intro! Let's march right into Sgt. Frog! It is the year 2004 and Keroro is a frog-like alien sent from his home planet on a mission to conquer Earth. His cover gets blown and his batallion abandons him and Keroro ends up stuck in the household of the Hinata family. There, he's forced to do household chores and sleep in a dark basement which supposedly was once a prison cell haunted by the ghost of an innocent girl. He even spends his free time assembling Gundam model kits. During his stay, Keroro meets up with subordinates that were also stranded during their failed attempts at invasion. Gerogerogerogero! Yeah, that's what Sgt. Frog is about... To be technical, Sgt. Frog is a Studio Sunrise production and Sunrise has not disappointed me yet because to be perfectly honest. Sunrise is one of those critically lauded studios. This studio brought us anime classics such as the Gundam franchise, The Vision of Escaflowne, and Cowboy Bebop. This same studio made Code Geass back in 2006 through 2008. Sgt. Frog really isn't on the same level as those animes I just mentioned and it really doesn't have to be because Sgt. Frog is a comedy anime. This is both a good thing but this show does have a bit of an issue at the same time. It's good that Sunrise is doing a comedy anime for once, but what may vary your mileage and this is the issue that I'm about to mention is the length. Now that there are 358 episodes of the show, it can be a bit intimidating for someone who's not used to watching an anime that long. As far as animation goes, Sgt. Frog looks good enough, it does have a few hiccups but the animation is pretty good for the most part. The character designs could've looked better but I don't much to complain about the animation. It's not A+ animation, but it's not terrible either. Gerogerogerogero! Tamatamatamatama! The music by... you know what... I have no idea who does the music for Sgt. Frog because I've googled this on 5 sources and I could not find the answer. The music does compliment the show for the most part but I do think some themes are definitely overused as far as Season One goes. Even if the music is a bit average, the opening and closing themes are the musical highlights in Sgt. Frog "Ribbit March" or "Kero! to March" is one catchy opening that I guarantee you'll have that theme stuck in your head. "Afro Sergeant" or "Afro Gunsou" is one catchy closing theme as well. These opening and closing themes are worth seeing more than once. Gerogerogerogero! Tamatamatamatama! Girogirogirogirogiro! As far as voice acting goes, this has got to be the hard part for me while discussing Sgt. Frog but here it goes. The subbed version has some good and well-known seiyus. Jouji Nakata (who was Alucard in both Hellsing and the Hellsing OVA) plays Giroro and I always saw Giroro as the "Badass Frog" and Jouji Nakata fits the role nicely. Kumiko Watanabe isn't well-known in other roles but she'll be best-known for her role as Keroro. Takehito Koyasu also fits the role as Kululu (or was it Kururu?) Even the late seiyu Tomoko Kawakami is in Sgt. Frog and you probably couldn't tell by her voice because she was the seiyu for Fuyuki Hinata. Even Akira Ishida is in the show and he plays Saburo. There is an episode that makes a parody of the anime classic Neon Genesis Evangelion where Saburo's role in the parody is in fact based on Kaworu which Akira Ishida voiced in both the original classic anime and the Rebuild of Evangelion movies, which makes the Subbed version more effective, last but not least there's Keiji Fujiwara and he plays the role as the narrator which fits the over-the-top atmosphere that Sgt. Frog is so full of. As far as the English dub goes, I did some research and found out that there are two dubs. We know that Funimation does the dub, but there is a "Animax" dub as well and I will not comment on the Animax dub because I'm not familiar with it and it was never available in the U.S. If you want to know what I think of the dub, I like it to some extent but I do think that there were some characters that sound a bit off. Before I mention the voices that sound off, let me tell you the good stuff. Todd Haberkorn sure sounds like he had fun voicing Keroro and he got the role just right. Chris Sabat was the right choice for Giroro as far as the dub goes. Chuck Huber is alright as Kululu, J. Michael Tatum is also good as Dororo, and Cherami Leigh is also decent as Natsumi. The voices I think sound off is Brina Palencia as Tamama, I tried to like Tamama's english voice but when Tamama gets angry, Etsuko Kozakura really got that part right. Brina Palencia on the other hand doesn't pull the angry part as well as the seiyu that plays Tamama. I like some of her other roles but Tamama I think could've been better. Monica Rial as Momoka Nishizawa is another voice that I think sounds off and I don't think Monica Rial is a bad voice actress, I just don't like her role in Sgt. Frog. If there was one character that had a really off voice was Caitlin Glass as Sumomo. I did not like Sumomo's voice in the dub at all. I do find the dub a bit hit and miss but it's not terrible, in fact I think it's quite funny. But when it all came down to preference for me, this was the most extremely difficult choice for me whether to stick with it subbed or dubbed because both versions have some problems for me. First off, When I watched it Subtitled, I expected it to be funny and I was bored most of the time. When I tried the dub, it was actually a bit funnier than the subbed version. However, the slightly off voices I had with the dub is not the only problem I had, it's how the Japanese Text translation was handled in the dub. If you compared both versions scene by scene. You'll understand. I don't mind if the adaptive script is different than the Japanese version if they feel like adding pop culture references and stuff like that but what I hate is how it is translated differently when it comes to translating the Japanese text that appears on the screen rather than what it really meant in the subbed version. I will give you examples on what I mean. One scene had Fuyuki in some classroom and the text on the chalkboard will say... Japanese Version: Occult Club English Version: Paranormal Club...I think (the translation really said that in the English Version) Another scene had Momoka getting angry and the text says... Japanese Version: Damn it, Damn it, Damn it, Damn it English Version: Kill her, Kill her, Kill her, Kill her My theory as to why some of the translation notes are changed is so that it could retain the TV-PG rating that was given for the English version in which the Japanese Version did not have such a equivalent rating. What I don't understand about all this is that in the middle of the first season, there is a beach episode and you'll see some female characters wearing bikinis and there's even a moment where Natsumi freaks out about her breast size after something happens to her which was actually brought up in the dub, if this was going to be in the show then why did Funimation give it a TV-PG rating? I don't like the English version for this and I don't like the subbed version that much either because the subbed version really never gave me enough laughs like the dub does. Both have their problems but if I want a more funnier version, I might as well stick with the dub as mis-translated at times as it is. But If I want a more accurate version, I might as well stick with the subbed version as sometimes boring as it is. This is why I found this hard to talk about. Gerogerogerogero! Tamatamatamatama! Girogirogirogiro! Kulukulukulukulu! As far as characters go, Fuyuki is a little boring, Natsumi is funny at times and she's ok I guess. Their mother Aki is another ok character. Momoka is alright although a bit crazy sometimes. Saburo is alright. Angol Mois is also alright. The human/pekoponians are ok characters but the "Frogs" are really the main attraction to this anime. Keroro is relatable to the average otaku, Tamama goes bat shit crazy at times which makes him likable. Giroro is probably the most badass frog of the main 5. Kululu is relatable to those that love to surf the web or use the computer, and Dororo is calm and collected and sure throws mail at Keroro's head quite a lot. The frogs really make the show watchable to some extent. Gerogerogerogero! Tamatamatamatama! Girogirogirogiro! Kulukulukulukulu! Dorodorodorodoro! When it comes down to story, the show is episodic and doesn't really have a main plot. The show's randomness really does fit in with the show but on an episodic degree, there are some episodes that I found a bit boring and that is my only problem with Sgt. Frog. Beside that, what does work is the randomness and the show lives up to that. This is an anime that my niece has been trying to get me to watch and I finally tried it and I can now tell her what I think of it so far. Gerogerogerogero! Tamatamatamatama! Girogirogirogiro! Kulukulukulukulu! Dorodorodorodoro! Kolkolkolkol! (Killkillkillkill!)   Honestly, how come no one's came up with that crossover joke for Hetalia and Sgt. Frog yet? Sgt. Frog is available from Funimation, the manga by Mine Yoshizaki was available by Tokyopop and the manga is currently out of print even though the manga has not ended yet. With all that said, Sgt. Frog is a totally random show that lives up to its randomness. This is sort of a one of a kind series from Sunrise but when it all comes down to watching it subbed or dubbed, both have their own issues and strengths. The "Frogs" are definitely the group of characters that do get more attention than the Human/Pekoponian characters which is another problem that I had with Sgt. Frog. This anime is definitely worth seeing if you are a fan of comedy animes. Sgt. Frog happens to be pretty popular in manga form and as well in anime form. If you ever go to anime conventions, I guarantee you'll see cosplaying of Sgt. Frog there. This anime might vary your mileage at times so proceed with caution if you have expectations. I give Sgt. Frog a 7 out of 10, it is GOOD! Feel free to comment below, Kerokerokerokerokero!

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