Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san

TV (48 eps x 9 min)
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Wakame High School has its fair share of weirdos, and transfer student Fumiya "Fuumin" Okometsubu is about to meet the strangest one of all. Planning to make one hundred new friends, the first to step up to the plate is Masaru Hananakajima. Becoming an unwilling student in Masaru's secret martial arts style, the two embark on enrolling more unsuspecting victims to learn the "Sexy Commando" way of fighting. Recruiting Kyasharin, the feeblest strong man in the world; and Kondo, the aspiring manly man; the group embark on a voyage of moronic triviality. From an outrageous sleepover to playing the baseball Game of Honour, the team must finally pull together and remove their pants for the National Sexy Commando Tournament!

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Well, I don’t know how to make this story make any sense to you. You just have to watch it, which I strongly recommend you do. There is humor in pretty much all levels whether gag, otaku reference, slap stick, puns, almost everything. It’ll keep you laughing. But if I were to compare the humor with anything, I say Freakazoid is definitely a good foundation of what to expect but times it by 100, and you get this anime. The episodes are less than 10 minutes long since it’s based on a short manga that’s as long as a Sunday strip so pacing in regards to length isn’t a problem. There is some story development, but it takes time but I don’t think the purpose of this anime is to develop story and characters at a significant degree, which is why most people love anime, and why it can be hard to get into this one for a critical percentage of anime fans of all levels. But in due time, it will be revealed why Masaru wears those weird golden rings on his shoulders and what not. The other characters all have qualities that stand out in their own way, though archetypical and stereotypical, but yet balanced and excellently parodied, and can still come across as original.Well, the style may be a major turn off, but I doubt the purpose of this anime is to invent state of the art animation. Considering that it’s comedy, the unorthodox designs truly reflect this, and helps form some understanding of what to expect. At times, you’ll see the art change style such as making them like cylinder figures just to symbolize the stupidity and dumfound atmosphere of the moment and to make you laugh. During action sequences, they will parody the style of 1970s anime with the sketchy outlines and the more colorful hyperspace backgrounds for more dramatic purposes and explosiveness. I’m not trying to give any kind of Emmy worthy merit for the style of this anime, I know it’s not the greatest, but you have to watch it for the purpose of the intention this anime has like I said. I think the art style perfectly compliments the nature of the anime. I can’t give it credit for style, but I will give it credit for execution.Ueda Yuuji is dead perfect as the voice of Masaru, and he is also the voice of Jin in Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2. Put that portrayal into a comedy role, and you perfectly get Masaru. He does great with his passion, humor, just about everything that pulls you into the character and this show. The voice acting and execution also plays a big part of the humor. A certain portion of it will be hard to understand because it relies on puns within the Japanese language, which the fansubs will explain to you. Regardless of that, I still think its humor everyone can enjoy. At times Masaru will pull off counter intuitive motivational sayings that Dan Quayle and George W. Bush are only capable of that will make you laugh to tears. The voice acting overall is just incredible in making this anime work. The music is also pretty excellent in its use as well. The opening theme reflects the passionate comedy nature this anime has, so it really gives you an idea of what to expect and the imagery of the opening just adds more and more comedy to it. Ueda Yuuji also makes use of his unique singing talents as well with the official Sexy Commando Club song. The background music also makes use of all kinds of music whether overly dramatic or comedy just to further contribute the intentions of this anime. This is my favorite comedy of all time. A lot of people think it’s ridiculous, which I don’t blame them for. Sadly, I personally find there is some legitimate logic behind the sexy commando’s purpose, which contributed why I was able to enjoy it. Hell, I’m willing to use it in a real fight. But not every single bit of comedic moment will have purpose in relation to the story 75% of the time at my estimate, but if it’s to make you laugh, then hey, they did something right. The way it ends, it makes you want more. Sadly, I know of no scanlations of the manga that are out, but if you know where to get the manga online, then link me up. But I say if you really love comedy from every single angle, then I strongly say check this out at your usual torrent site.

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