OVA (1 ep x 40 min)
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Suffering from a crippling memory loss ever since an accident at the age of six, Toshiaki finds new hope, and a new mystery, when he is visited by a girl from his own future.

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There are some shows that we can’t help to hype for some reason or another, be it because of its visuals or a renowned staff behind the show, which turns out to be a disappointment. Sequence is one of those cases but, what could have gone wrong with this OVA? Let’s start with the positive bits of this show, the art and animation was really good. Animation was really fluid and both the backgrounds and the characters’ design are pretty even by today’s standards. This OVA looked better than a lot of the stuff we get nowadays, even if it is more than 25 years old! The soundtrack was also good. While some of the tracks were a bit forgettable there were others that stood out, mainly Megumi’s flute solo. The ending was really good too, to the point I listened from start to finish (and I skip at least a 90% of the OP and ED I come across). Voice acting was ok. If you have read this far you might guess what failed in this show, and let me confirm you the writing just sucked. I appreciate they tried to do something different but the result ended up being a giant mess that left you wondering whether they wanted to do a highschool romance story or a time travel one. The characters weren’t much better. We have the amnesiac protagonist, his childhood friend, the dude with a rebellious attitude, and the time-traveller with not much screen time that’s there just to remind you the show this is supposed to be a Sci-Fi anime. Believe it or not all these characters have one thing in common; they are BLAND! There’s not a single thing that could make you slightly interested in any of them. In short, if I had to describe it with just one word it’d be “disappointment”. A show with such a good animation and an above-average soundtrack doesn’t deserve such a lackluster story. I’d have rather it lower if it weren’t for its technical merits.

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