Seoul Station

Alt title: Seoul-yeok

Movie (1 ep x 92 min)
3.015 out of 5 from 404 votes
Rank #15,364

As the sun sets around Seoul Station, an old man thought to have died sinks his teeth into the warm flesh of a homeless person. Soon, the streets are filled with vicious zombies desperate to feed. Hae-sun, a runaway, witnesses the frightening sight while her father Suk-gyu and boyfriend desperately search for her. As the attacked become the attackers, the government declares a lock out of the station, leaving the uninfected to struggle desperately against the dangerous undead. With zombie numbers exploding, people without a home to return to, now have to flee without a place to run to, in order to survive.

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Seoul Station is a prequel to the live-action film, Train to Busan.

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 There's a stench in the air and it's not the typical irregular showering homeless population: it's the stench of the undead.  Or so the synopsis would have you believe. What you find when you watch this - should you choose to do so is a tale of a dimwitted young woman who: Leaves doors open for pursuers to constantly be on her tail / right behind her.  Tells her boyfriend off then calls him for comfort.  Walk the streets at night alone in a look at me outfit.  Follows a homeless man whose mind is wavering in favor of going with the police.  Ran away from home to live on the street and become a w****.  Ordered her boyfriend to get a job but doesn't consider getting one herself.  Cries while her boyfriend gets beaten.  Yells her attacks instead of utilizing surprise. Considering the above this anime does take the zombie-apocalypse serious and all the events depicted are as possible and probable as any other, if not more so.  So while this did focus on a young woman with a world of personal problems, it was likely the creators intent to have someone down in the dumps constantly be in peril. There are plenty of sci-fi movies that follow this norm. And to keep a sense of reality the emergence of those who rise from the dead would need to take place when it's the most inconvenient. Here's an emerging adult who's struggling to pay rent, has romantic and familial relationship issues, has a secret past, and just wants to be taken care of and loved. Then along comes a barrage of sickness / zombies. Threatening a distraught woman alone at night on the streets. What she to do? Especially when typical safe places are out of the question. The above.

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