Senyuu. 2

TV (13 eps x 5 min)
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Alba, Ein, Zwei, Ruki and the rest of the gang are back, and ready for more adventures. As always, there’s plenty of fun and misunderstandings to go around, whether Alba’s framed for ‘murdering’ FoyFoy or Hime-chan laments her armor being turned into a flower pot. Together, the group of friends and enemies continues to travel the land and get into plenty of trouble in the process.

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The Hero Broods image

Episode 1

The Hero Broods

The Hero is Stunned image

Episode 2

The Hero is Stunned

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Episode 3

The Hero is Set Up

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Episode 4

The Hero Is Overwhelmed

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Episode 5

The Hero Is Terrified

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Episode 6

The Hero Becomes Speechless

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Episode 7

The Hero Falls Silent

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Episode 8

The Hero Transforms

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Episode 9

The Hero Reunites

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Episode 10

The Hero Falls

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Episode 11

The Hero Unleashed

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Episode 12

The Hero Makes a Choice

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Kari5 Aug 29, 2013
Score 3/10

Senyuu 2 starts off right after the first season, continuing its almost non-exsistant plot. The direction is never clear and is made a bit more confusing by splitting the characters into different groups. It's not much of an upgrade over the first season and is frankly fairly boring. Story Because its a very short gag show, everything is done for a laugh, so you can't except much out of the story-line... read more

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