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One day, without warning, a huge hole appeared in the world and demons emerged, ready for battle. Assuming that the demon king sealed by a hero 1,000 years ago must have escaped, the king of the land set forth a decree: the hero’s descendents must defeat evil once more! For Alba, one such would-be hero, this journey will be anything but ordinary given his growing collection of bizarre and wacky companions. Alongside young demon Ruki, age-inappropriate Ruldolf, tentacle-fighter witch Zwei and a host of others, Alba will get arrested, play dodgeball, travel across the land, and least importantly, learn the truth about the hole in the world!

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Episode 1

The Hero Journeys Forth

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Episode 2

The Hero's Encounter

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Episode 3

The Hero Regrets

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Episode 4

The Hero Gets Flustered

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The Hero Gets Excited

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Episode 6

The Hero Runs

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The Hero is Shocked

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The Hero Gets Tired

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Episode 9

The Hero is at a Loss

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The Hero is Shocked

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The Hero Gets Depressed

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Episode 12

The Hero is Confused

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Warning this review may contain spoilers- So I did this as an alternate to the daily anime marathon event (which would of meant I watched another borderline ecchi anime which if you saw my rescue me! review probably wouldn't be for the best. So in this we have a world set in a RPG setting, fighting monsters and things in a RPG setting. A cute and fluffy anime to take your mind off many other things... Story 5 Minute episodes are never the best with story and normally end up going with short comedy elements to make th audience laugh in areas, which I think thisfits perfectly with this idea of short comedy.  Animation The animation I would say is pretty basic but this of a high quality for what it is, and once again I have run out of things to say about the animation...I mean that giraffe monster thing in the 1st episode was basic yet really cute, in a weird way. Alba's mother as well, now that design was pure genius XD Sound Voice acting was alright,nothing too outstanding but nothing that was bad, honestly there wasn't any voices I felt that stood out. The ending/opening theme (no idea what to call it) was fitting to the series, short and sweet.  Characters Majority of characters were quite simple, like their personalities but for a short episode anime any development of the characters were pretty limited. No characters really stood out for me personally but there wasn't any characters that you could really hate...except maybe that guy in episode 4. Overall this was enjoyable but in the end it wasn't anything amazing, but cute short episode anime. AngelBeatsYui

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