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One day, without warning, a huge hole appeared in the world and demons emerged, ready for battle. Assuming that the demon king sealed by a hero 1,000 years ago must have escaped, the king of the land set forth a decree: the hero’s descendents must defeat evil once more! For Alba, one such would-be hero, this journey will be anything but ordinary given his growing collection of bizarre and wacky companions. Alongside young demon Ruki, age-inappropriate Ruldolf, tentacle-fighter witch Zwei and a host of others, Alba will get arrested, play dodgeball, travel across the land, and least importantly, learn the truth about the hole in the world!

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The Hero Journeys Forth image

Episode 1

The Hero Journeys Forth

The Hero's Encounter image

Episode 2

The Hero's Encounter

The Hero Regrets image

Episode 3

The Hero Regrets

The Hero Gets Flustered image

Episode 4

The Hero Gets Flustered

The Hero Gets Excited image

Episode 5

The Hero Gets Excited

The Hero Runs image

Episode 6

The Hero Runs

The Hero is Shocked image

Episode 7

The Hero is Shocked

The Hero Gets Tired image

Episode 8

The Hero Gets Tired

The Hero is at a Loss image

Episode 9

The Hero is at a Loss

The Hero is Shocked image

Episode 10

The Hero is Shocked

The Hero Gets Depressed image

Episode 11

The Hero Gets Depressed

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Episode 12

The Hero is Confused

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Dionkeykong's avatar
Dionkeykong Oct 14, 2017
Score 10/10

I honestly couldn't believe that something as short as this would make me laugh so hard. And short it is indeed cause every episode clocks at 5 mins or so.5 mins of constant slapstick satirical comedy attack.I don't know how they pulled it off but this little gem is more of a parody/comedy than most full series are.But oddly not as praised. the plot of Senyuu is that the demon king has opened a... read more

Jooleeah's avatar
Jooleeah Sep 7, 2017
Score 7/10

Senyuu is a hilarious anime filled with original, interesting characters and and lines that will make you die laughing. Things that would normally be serious are given a funny twist that will make your face hurt from smiling so much! It did get on my nerves a bit that each episode was so short... read more

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