Senran Kagura: Estival Versus - Shoujo-tachi no Sentaku

Alt title: Senran Kagura: Estival Versus - Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits

OVA (1 ep x 30 min)
3.105 out of 5 from 539 votes
Rank #14,249

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Unaired episode bundled with the  Senran Kagura: Estival Versus game's Nyuu Nyuu DX Pack Premium.

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Senran Kagura: Estival Versus - Shoujo-tachi no Sentaku is basically is just as the cover gives away. It's a promotion to the currently new game being released on the playstation 4 in the short feature that this review is written. It's a fanservice riddled mess for people who enjoy the series to enjoy. New characters make their debut since the anime adapted as they were included in a PSvita game called Senran Kagura - Shinovi Versus which serves as a prequel to this story of sorts. Though honestly this OVA barely qualifies as a stor on it's own. New characters are introudced without much background expecting you to know them. If you truly wish to know the story look up the playthroughs of the Senran Kagura - Shinovi VS on youtube.   ( Anime PlayStation Portable Games has it in full and mostly translated )  Story Stuff happens and the main cast, their rivals and 2 other Ninja schools end up enjoying their day at a luxury water resort. The spectacle allows us to get a view of some significantly developted chests as well as two less furtunate characters in the form of flat chested Mirai and less blessed Ryoubi. Then mysterious enemy Ninja's attack and they cannot use their powers! Fanservice focussed and easy to follow if you're watching this expecting something different from Senran Kagura than you did from the first show you're going to be dissapointed.  Animation: Surprsingly yet unsurprisingly well done despite budget saving efforts being implemented. For an OVA that is not a movie this is quite on par. Breast physics of course getting a lot of attention indeed. The animation in fighting scenes is  more than bare minimum but is not amazing. Face shots and figures are mostly consistent as is line weight and the backgrounds are also completely acceptable. There are a view noticable slip ups if you look closely enough but honestly if you're paying that much attention to the animation you're better of watching something else. There are scenes were the characters exposed nipples are shown for you to enjoy as well.  Sound: In terms of music and background it is stale but on the other end the voice actresses due a good job trying to convince us of their characters. The voice cast is nothing to laugh about as cute a few are veterans.  Emotions are conveyed as well as what this show passes as humour. It's a simple treat with no interesting filling behind it all.  Characters Despite their developed chests Senran Kagura has never had the deepest of characters. Both the main and rival group have their variant of ditzy and simple minded and with the inclusion of two more schools expect this character archtype to be in the other two as well. The characters are mostly sold on their designs which is another discussion entirely. The portrayal of the characters is in line with how they are portrayed in their debut game.  Overall   Senran Kagura: Estival Versus ( OVA ) is a simple delight for those who crave for a pair of mammaries bouncing up and down on the screen. Fans of the game series will mostly at least mildly enjoy this. Fans of the anime series might have trouble following it but with this review I doubt you will have trouble catching on. Still it's a promotion for the playstation 4 game and as such on it's own it barely has any merits as it is based on a mostly on fanservice filled series that keeps all it's story in the game content rather than any promotion material. If you want a quick time in the ecchi genre it's not the worst but certainly not the best and admittedly it's more part of the worse than better category.  2/5 ( 4/10 ) seems appropriate for fans of the series that can look beyond ecchi. For newcommers this isn't worht watching and would be closer to a 1/5 ( 2/10 ) but I digress.  

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