Senjou no Valkyria 3: Tagatame no Juusou

OVA (2 eps)
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Senjou no Valkyria 3: Tagatame no Juusou

During the Gallian war with the Empire, the nameless is a renegade squadron in Gallia. Although being labeled as enemies by both the Gallian and Imperial army, the nameless struggle to protect the civilians following their motto, "where the regular army can't, the nameless can".

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Lets make some clones of Wilkin and Alicia... Characters and Beligerant Forces Gallia Regular Army: acting as extras Wikin Gunther and all his companions: acting as secondary characters. 422 Squad the Nameless: this is a flagless squad: Kurt Irving: leader of the 422 ( Clone of Wilkin). Riella Marcelis: 422 member, she has Valkirian powers, she has feelings for Kurt. (Clone of Alicia N1) Imca: She is Darcen, she has a Darcen hairchief tied. She has a strong character, she has strong emotions, she use a huge weapon that can be used as both machinegun and rocket launcher. She also likes to be alone. Carisa Contzen:  she is the tank operator of the 422 tank. (Clone of Alicia N2) Alfons Alucair: 422 rifleman. He tags with Valerie and Diet. Valerie Ainsley: 422 riflewoman. Diet: unlike Valerie and Alfons, he use a large shield to cover them. He is Darcen, he use a Darcen wide scarf. Gloria Durell: an old woman veteran, she has knoledge in deceive the enemy and flank them, she also uses heavy rocket launchers as anti-tank weapon. She likes to smoke pipe. Felix Cowl: he tags with Gloria, he has a cold mind during combat. Gullio Rosso: he is silent, but seems experienced. Leila Peron: she is the radio operator and riflewoman, she cares for others during combat. Homer Peron: he has gray hair and is young.  Empire Characters Munchhausen: he will command the emprie forces at the battle of Dillsburg. Dahau: he is in Dillsburg by orders of the emperor himself. Gusurg: he is a good tactician, he has an important role in the battle of Dillsburg. Zig: assistant of Dahau, he is Darcen, he has a Darcen Neckchief. Lydia Agthe: she is at Dillsburg with Dahau. Plot The Wound Taken for Someone's Sake (Part 1) 1935.The 422 is being chased by the Gallian regular army. So after an exchange of bullets, they escape from that. That serves as a good fun intro. They meet a young girl who tells them the Town of Alstone was taken recently by Empire forces. They decide to help the people of the ocupied town. Then the main plot appears, wich is in Dillsburg, two experimental long range artillery are being guarded there. Squad 422 fears the destructive power of such weapon, so they go to Dillsburg to destroy them. In the meanwhile Wilking Gunther and his troops are also advancing to storm Dillsburg. The Wound Taken for Someone's Sake (Part 2) The battle at Dillsburg continue till its end... Music and Sound Intro is a fast rock with a female singer, the ending is a slow rock with a female singer. There is good classic music, suspense music, there was a cheerful townfolk music for celebration, and a military march. Overall, very good. Animation Very good, characters have good proportions, and all the combat animation is fun to watch. Critic Considering the main saga as world building, and this ovas not as a stand alone, this ovas follows the main saga recipe. I felt there were many characters that couldnt develop personality or have protagonism. But on the other hand, armies are formed by many characters, so probably is ok that way. Battle was fun, there was some creative ideas during combat, if you had fun with the main saga, this is good to watch too. I would like to point as positive thing, the valkirian power wasn`t overused, so there was more for tanks, rifles, rockets, that stuff. I liked to see the Darcen symbols in other characters than Isara Gunther. That was a good way to give them some story to tell. Darcens cant join the regular Gallian army and Isara is more like a hidden member inside the tank I also liked the clothes of the 422, wich was a mix of blue and black robes, as a form to point they are not against any of those factions, but they are against war crimes in general, so they dont mind to fight against both armies, that was a good idea. What I didn`t like was the clone characters (Alicia and Wilkin). I rated the main saga 4/5, doing the same.

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