Sengoku Collection

Sengoku Collection Episode 8 - Regent Girl

Hideyoshi loves rice; she can’t get enough of it. When she hears tale of a ritual that can be performed to guarantee a good harvest of rice, she decides she must do it. But what happens next takes her farther down the rabbit hole than expected.

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Battle Girls: Time Paradox

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chii chii says

Both shows take historical male characters and turn them into busty kick ass ladies. Very entertaining and not to be taken seriously at all. Battle Girls are in their own land and get a normal human transported to their world where Sengoku Collection takes these historical figures and transportes them into our time! Check em out.

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

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Bestanimeserie Bestanimeserie says

Both shows feature female versions of sengoku period generals, oda nobuna is a reversed version of sengoku collection in oda nobuna a person from current time japan is transported to the sengoku period and in sengoku collection the generals are transported to modern day japan. Another difference is that sengoku switches characters every episode whilst oda nobuna has an actual plot. Though if you liked one you'l most likely like the other as well.