Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: World's Greatest First Love

Alt title: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

TV (12 eps)
4.064 out of 5 from 11,057 votes
Rank #733

When Ritsu was in high school, he fell in love with a boy who broke his heart, changing his view of love forever. Now a jaded adult, Ritsu has just transferred to the Marukawa Shoten company in hopes of publishing literature, only to be told that he'll be working in the shoujo manga division instead. What's worse, his boss is brash, rude and seems to have an interest in him! However, the biggest surprise is yet to come for Ritsu, as he soon discovers that his boss is none other than his lover of his past!

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I love this showwww! It is so good man...the back and forth between stories and the dialogue was just everything. Even when I worried it would get cheesy, it didn't. It's BL which I love and its very romantic. My favorite storyline is Takano and Onodera, though all three are good. I just can't wait to watch part 2. This show is super addictive and pretty much a giant ball of fluff. It reminded me a little of a fanfiction the way it plays everything out, but don't take my word for it, just watch it. Story: like I said, I loved this. It's pretty much a slice of life anime but cleverly placed within a manga editing company. This leads to a lot of funny moments and almost 4th wall breaks. I watched the OVAs first so I knew the background on four of our six main characters and as the show goes along, you switch between the 3 storylines. The characters are all tied together by the fact that they work in the same division. There's a lot to love here. I don't really think I need to go into the story too much because you should just watch it yourself. Animation: Very well done. The characters, though similarly drawn, still look gorgeous and I love the scenery but the key elements are as follows: Music: I wasnt too much a fan of the opening music, but the ending theme was really good. However, the OST for this show is probably one of my favorites of any anime I've seen. It was beautiful and placed perfectly throughout the show, leading to tears and smiles and all the other feels. I just adored it. and The Characters: as I stated earlier, they look similar but their personalities all differ giving the viewer a variety of people to identify with. All of them were strongly characterized and played beautifully by the voice actors as well. I watched this subbed and it was wonderful. I also enjoyed all the love scenes which there are a lot of, and all the revelations which there are also a lot of. It was just so good. Overall: I'd recommend it and I'd definitely watch it again. I loved it. 9/10.

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