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Once a popular all girls' school, Ousai Private Academy is now co-ed due to declining birth rates. Takatoshi Tsuda, a boy newly attending Ousai solely because of the proximity to his house, is quickly forced to become the student council vice president and male representative of the school by president Shino Amakusa. Now looked upon as nothing more than a filthy pig by his female peers, Takatoshi must cope with learning about a whole new side of the opposite gender, hearing plenty of dirty sex and period jokes along the way!

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Story 6/10 An all school girls turned co? All the girl being perverts (instead of the male students)? Oh boy, I got to watch this. (my train of thought reading the synopsis). If you’re looking for a decent plot or a nice story, go somewhere else. Seitokai yakuindomo doesn’t have either of it. Seitokai yakuindomo is about an all-girls school turned co. The girls don’t really mind this though; it’s more like a dream come true for most of them. Through the whole series it’s one perverted joke after the other. Most of them you can see coming from a mile away, but they will make you laugh anyway. Animation 7/10 The animation often switches between normal animation and chibi mode. Usually I don’t like it when there’s too much chibi in an anime, but with Seitokai yakuindomo I didn’t really mind. Perhaps it’s because I put my mind on blank while watching this (since I wasn’t expecting anything serious anyway). Sound 8/10 One: The opening. I loved it. It made me happy. I listened it every episode, which I usually don’t do (most of the time, I listen to openings once or twice). It’s a happy joy song which put a smile on my face while the episode had barely started. Two: The voice actors are brilliant. They sound serious the whole time. I especially loved the voice actor for the little girl, who had a cute little voice in normal mode, but when angered, she also sounded like that. Characters 9/10 I love the different characters in Seitokai yakuindomo. I guess they’re actually not that different (they’re all perverted girls), but two of our main characters are normal people, trying to put some common sense in most of the school. The interaction between these is the main power of this anime. This is also one of the few shows where the man isn't more perverted than the females, but also isn't a total wuss. Overall 7.5/10 Looking for a good laugh and wasting some time? Look no further! If you like perverted jokes every 15 seconds, this definitely is the anime for you. Especially people that liked azumangah dajoh and lucky star will probably enjoy this comedy train.  


For a video review, check out my Youtube channel. Link on my profile page. Winner JV Anime Award 2015: Best Comedy In short, Seitokai was not as innocent as I expected it to be :-P Positive *The first thing that I liked about Seitokai was the animation both the 2D and 3D animation. The animation in the first season was already good but then in the second season they made it even better with more and sharper 3D animation. It’s something that I didn’t really expect when I started this anime so it was a nice surprise. *Second thing that I liked was actually the humor now I will go more into detail about the humor later on because there is quite something to say about the humor in this anime. But I really enjoyed the humor it made me laugh out loud numerous times, it also made me say WTF numerous times. Nevertheless Seitokai is one of my favorite anime’s when it comes to comedy. *A last positive point were the OVA’s. Usually we get or one full sized OVA or multiple small ones. With Seitokai the OVA’s can be considered full sized episodes so you don’t get 13 episodes per season but a full sized 21. *In the positive part I mentioned that I really liked the comedy in Seitokai well that was after I got used to the comedy. Because the comedy in this anime is so sexually loaded that you can’t even call it ecchi anymore.  You know this kind of ecchi humor where a word that a character says can be misunderstood due too it’s double meaning and stuff like that? Well there’s none of that in Seitokai. Seitokai trows one sexually related joke after another at you and I do mean sexually.  Holy shit when I watched the first few episodes my reaction was WTF have I started, I was so overwhelmed by the truckload of sexually related jokes that I thought that I had sold my soul to the devil. It’s just sexual joke after joke after joke and no subtle onces, no they just smack you right in the face with them. Negative *Related to the humor comes my problem and that is the fact that these sexually related jokes are about the only source of humor in this anime. 90% of the jokes in Seitokai are sexual, the other 10% are Hagimura is short jokes so that can feel repetitive. Also if you’re set off by this sexual humor than you’re really not going to like this anime. *Another negative point was the story or better the lack off it. If you’re looking for an anime with a solid and intriguing story than Seitokai is not the anime that you want to watch because there is no story in Seitokai. Every episode stands on it’s own and sometimes even one episode is divided into several parts. So some kind of general story line would have been welcome there. *A last negative point was there was no development on the romantic platform even though there are multiple possibilities. It’s clear that there are multiple girls who have interests in Tsuda and it’s a shame that there was never any development on that.  That’s why I hope that there will be a third season of Seitokai and there is a good chance that there will be a third season. The OVA’s of the second season are airing now with one coming out every 4 months and after that I hope that the third season will air. Conclusion So as a conclusion, Seitokai is a hilarious anime once you get used to the rather special humor. But I really enjoyed Seitokai Yakuindomo and that’s why I’m going to rate it at 4 stars. I definitely recommend it if you wanna have a good laugh and if you’re not easily offended.


At the time of writing this, I have written three reviews on this website, all of them having one thing in common; they are all comedies. Seitokai Yakuindomo is no expection to this matter. When it comes to anime based around school life and the whole "moe" factor, I can't say I'm a huge fan of it. Yes, I enjoy watching both Lucky Star and K-On!, but they are the two expections to the matter...well, two of the three, I should say. I'll say this right now, Seitokai isn't an anime that will appeal to everyone, that is a certain. In fact, when I heard about it, I thought I was going to hate it with a passion, only to be pleasently suprised after the first 3 episodes. The "story" of SY (I can't be bothered to write the title out anymore) is similar to that of, the previously mentioned, Lucky Star, in the sense that there is no story. Just showing the various mishaps that the students get up to. Although, there is a tiny bit of a story. Takatoshi TSUDA moves into a Ousai Private Academy (a once popular all girls high-school which has recently become co-ed, allowing boys to join) for the sole reason that it is close to his house. Almost as soon as he steps through the gates, he is greeting by the Student Council; Shino AMAKUSA (the president), Aria SHICHIJOU (the secretary) and Suzu HAGIMURA (the treasurer). After a brief (and harsh) introduction to the school rules, Shino realises she has made Taka late and, as apologies, makes him the vice-president...and I use the term "makes him" very literally! The rest of the show is simply following the mishaps of the student council, with some of the stereotypical episodes being included; the beach episode, the festival episode and the sports festival episode come in mind straight away. BUT! don't let that put you off, even though you may have seen it all before, you will be suprised how different it is when the (sort of) uniqueness of the characters come into play. That's one thing I have yet to mention, and that is the humour of the show. In a nutshell, take any sentence (and I mean any sentence) and add a sexual twist to it, even if it doesn't make sense or not. There you've got SY! Now, I know that sex humour isn't everyone's cup of tea and to be honest, it's not mine, but it seems to have some weird effect, where it doesn't matter if you are not a fan of the humour or not, you WILL end up being a fan of it by the end! Oh...but if you feel awkward when women talk about their *ahem* monthly troubles and the necessary arrangements they need to take, then you'll probably feel awkward through a lot of this! The four main characters are all pretty much the steroetype of a "moe" high-school show. You have the "normal" one - Taka. The one who tries to be serious but is, in fact, the most childish one - Shino. The airheaded ditz who everyone, guys and girls, love - Aria. And finally, the tsundere - Suzu. Each of these characters, while being typical in almost all high-school animes, feel fresh, simply due to how weird and, at times, how surreal the humour can get. Some of the side characters are hilarious and really add a certain charm to the show. My personal favourites being; Naruko YOKOSHIMA, the perverted teacher, who would rather sleep around, than have to teach and Ranko HATA, a member of the Newspaper Club and runs around everywhere (literally) trying to find a good story (which usually involves a series of photos which are often misguided). While these characters aren't neccesary at all, the show would lose a lot of charm without them! All in all, SY is an anime which has a specfic demographic; people who enjoy sex humour, innuedos, visual jokes and heightist jokes. Even though I'm not a fan of the first two, for seem reason I loved this to bits and will happily watch it, over and over again (just not in front of my mum...) I highly recommend you watch it! After all, it's only 13 episodes, what have you got to lose? Shino: I know what Takashi would want to lose! Takatoshi: Please don't say anything...

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