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Shoichi Kamita is an ordinary high school boy, who is faced with the university entrance exam and worried about his future. This campus romantic comedy, "Seiren", which means honest in Japanese, depicts his pure relationship with three different heroines. Each story is the unique and mutual memory between him and the heroine.

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Bonvantius's avatar
Bonvantius Jan 15, 2017
Score 1/10

This has to be the most dull first episode of anime I have ever seen. By the end it had left me with nothing to invest in. The story is painfully ordinary and bland. The main character is pretty pathetic in his leering pursuit of the girls in his classroom. The rest of the cast  I can't even tell  apart. They all have the same hair colour and faces, especially the girls. A poor example of character... read more

Justhappydog's avatar
Justhappydog Mar 14, 2017
Score 8.2/10

Seiren , an anime taking a realistic view of a 2nd year highschool boy having relationship with  3 different girls. Relationship with each girls are unique and are in parallel worlds , that is they are not connected in any way. More like a Visual novel which you play three times and get all the three different endings. The main protagonist is the same while the three girls have different personalities and... read more



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