School Rumble: Extra Class

Alt title: School Rumble: Ichi Gakki Hoshuu

OVA (2 eps x 26 min)
3.919 out of 5 from 6,368 votes
Rank #1,388

Be it slaying a mammoth or simply getting a good seat in class, Harima is still outdoing himself in order to confess his love to Tenma, only to stumble upon a simple fact: he cannot make her realize there is no reason to support a Yakumo-Harima relationship! As for Yakumo, things take a strange turn. Having always been idolized, she has never had many close contacts, yet now she is suddenly approached by two girls. One is named Sarah, who wants to become close friends with Yakumo; the other is a ghost that wants to know Yakumo's opinion about boys...

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Think of the double OVA School Rumble: Extra Class as that opportunity between seasons one (2004-05) and two (2006) as Studio Comet's need to experiment with possible but highly-unlikely storylines.  Each episode in the first season consisted of three closely linked segments.  These two OVA combine six loosely conceived plots; it seems OVA are totally into experimentation. Think: a mad scientist's lair ... that's the general feel for this promo piece for the upcoming season.  Totally fair, as epi26 of season one was an episode leaving the realm of reality to pull any stunt and trick to keep Hajima and Tenma apart as Tenma can only inch closer to her off-the-wall crush Karasuma.  And, in this set of two OVA presentations, Karasuma is relegated to a minor character. Let's run in other directions.  Let's focus on those two she-warriors Karen Ichijou and Lala Gonzalez with this mission:  get that Mexican hit-gal to smile (dogs work/boys don't). Get newbie character Jirou Yoshidayama try to out tough-guy Hajima and become lord of the high school (hint, Hajima is not going totally soft over Tenma, but will Jirou play this gambit in the next season?). Throw the whole cast into prehistoric times and save humanity in a mammoth hunt. Keep the tension up between Hajima and Tenma's little sister Yakumo as manga deadlines close in. It's a pledge that the tendency to out-wacky the previous entry will push the second season to greater levels (we'll see ... it's on my view list).  The animation and sound are an extension of the first season, but with a major improvement in the sound.  A weakness in season one is the inaudible sounds coming from way-to-soft spoken Karasuma.  In this OVA, his hushed tones were clearer (oh, wait, did Karasuma have any meaty lines in these two pieces?). Given a little time, we'll see how the new characters, the minor character, and friends Eri, Akira, and Mikoto blend into the nonsense romance of Hajima/Tenma/Karasuma/curry for season two.  Who shall pursue/avoid whom?

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