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Dec 29, 2007


Youth: A time of friendship, first love, and bountiful joy.  Enter School Days, an anime chock full of all that youthful spunk but spiced up with a bit of malice, hatred, deceit, self-loathing, and rage.  Brings back memories, doesn't it?

Now, if you want some passionate, innocent high school romance, I suggest you look elsewhere.  The modern day Narutaru, School Days' name is about the most pleasant part about the whole series.  It starts out innocent enough with our dumb-as-a-rock male lead, Makoto, developing a crush on a cute girl with whom he rides the train every morning, Kotonoha.  Being that both are too shy to actually meet each others' acquaintance, Makoto's friend Sekai befriends her and the brings the two together in a romantic lunch outing on the school rooftop; it's love at first sight, or something.  Their relationship gets off to quite the rough start, so the two begin to confide in Sekai, our local relationship expert, and ask for advice on how to make their fledgling romance work.

Sounds innocent enough, right?  Well, turns out Sekai has a crush on Makoto too, and as the two spend time together trying to council his relationship with Kotonoha, a little spark gets lit.  As Kotonoha builds confidence in her relationship with Makoto, his feelings begin to shift elsewhere, and that's when things start getting complicated.  School Days certainly doesn't sugarcoat any of the series' relationship troubles from there on out, as hearts start getting shattered left and right and friendships become venues for abusing others for personal satisfaction and gain.  Other problems slowly ooze their way into the characters' lives, ranging from bullying to social rejection, and, just as in real life, some handle it better than others.

Though typically not a fan of series that highlight the morbid facets of human interaction, I must admit that School Days is definitely one of the best of its type.  The structure and presentation of the series is put together brilliantly, compacting its content to start well, climax flawlessly, and end with a rather shocking bang.  Unlike so many series that simply thud after they peak, the ending to School Days is neither rushed nor poorly scripted, and provides some, might I add disturbing, closure.  The final lines conjoined with the last scene proved incredibly fitting, which ended up leaving me with an uneasy sense of completeness.  None of the events that transpire in the series are meant to be pleasant in any form, and the writers were absolutely sure to make that message loud and clear by the time you finish.


For a mid-2007 production, though, the animation left a lot to be desired.  Shortcuts were taken left and right to simplify characters aesthetics, and the production quality was downright shoddy on a number of occasions.  Unlike many recent series which take advantage of exceptional lighting techniques to create dramatic atmospheres, there's simply none of that present in School Days; aside from a random slap or slamming of a fist on a desk, the characters just didn't seem alive on many occasions.

The scenery proved slightly better, though not that much.  Lighting and shading varied from scene to scene, ranging from vivid and dramatic one minute to droll and boring in the next.  Perhaps I've been spoiled with recent masterpieces such as Death Note, but visually I never felt as if I were involved with what was happening.  The quality did improve as the series progressed, though, and I suppose saving the best for last worked on some level; while you won't be blown away by any form of visual mastery, the script is strong enough to fill in the emotional gaps without much pause.


Though I've not much to say about the musical score, the voice acting in School Days was absolutely stellar.  Sekai's seiyuu, for instance, captured her character's persona brilliantly in the final episodes.  All of the voice actors managed to pick up on the emotional subtleties of their respective characters, especially during their spouts of anger, which really helped animate the script where the actual animation fell short.  From the faintest quivers to the most authoritative of yells, the emotional struggles of each of the characters came alive, and this really allowed the series to take full advantage of what it had to offer.


By the end of School Days, every curse word in your vocabulary will find itself aimed on Makoto in one scene or another.  If you've ever wanted to know what a true bastard acts like, he's your guy.  Unfortunately, I think the creators over-emphasized this in the fact that every girl seems to want to him, and he ended up feeling superficial.  Even so, his evolution from shy nerd to malevolent jerk invokes a genuine taste of disdain for his character, and drives home much of the finale's emotional finesse. 

Sekai, though, was by far the highlight of the flamboyant drama.  Not only did she have perhaps the most interesting and well-voiced character, but her presence is what really made the series have the emotional impact that it did.  Both her strength and her moral courage, though initially appearing pure, end up quite befuddled and questionable, which makes her both a character you care for and hate simultaneously.  She continually shocked me with her mixture of both moral authority and judgmental lapses, which allowed her character to really personify the morose atmosphere that pervades in the series' latter half.

Kotonoha, on the other hand, proved likable and amiable throughout, and given all she must endure, you cannot help but pity her.  Yet, come the end of the series, even she becomes a rather questionable character, and I'm left with quite mixed feelings regarding the outcome of her decisions.  By saying anything further I'd be pushing on spoiling her character so I'll refrain, but she's certainly not as black-and-white as she first appears. 


All in all, though not an anime that will sweep you off your feet, School Days weaves a horrific tale of the human heart's ability to be treacherous and cruel toward its fellow man.  The joys of youth fade idly into the back-story, and by the end of the series they seem all but a distant past.  In fact, following the ending credits, the series' first thirty-seconds or so are replayed, and I found myself looking back on them in a completely different light.  Though definitely not everyone's cup of tea, if you have a strong stomach and a willingness to endure some rather disturbing moments, give School Days a once through - you won't be disappointed.

7.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Jan 25, 2008


If you take a story that includes everything from a love triangle, to sexual promiscuity, to rape, to characters you'd expect to have continous flowing flaws and come on the edge of breaking down, you'd expect it to be great, right?


Honestly, I'll probably never watch the series again. It might sound harsh, but read further. School Days is a series that depends on how you want to approach it-for those who want a shocker series, it'd probably be more of a pleasant watch than those who look for solidly constructed characters and something different than the norm, and despite what some may say about SD being unique, it's not.  There have been some series that have used the same formula of shock factors (i.e. Shuffle!).  The problem isn't so much building up the conflict, it's the hollowness of it.  There are some themes here that are built, but lack proper development. I know the predominant argument for SD is that it's not meant to be realistic but entertaining...but where does the line for entertaining merge? Simply by graphic drama. I could understand some rollercoaster rides  - for example a series that deals with multiple relationships and pregnancy is the josei series NANA, an anime adaptation done well, though with some slight saturation in it's dramatic themes.  However, despite SD introducing some potent themes, I couldn't wrap my head around or even feel more than some bland sense of pity for the characters, and by the end, it left me feeling disgusted because it threw any sort of tangible tension out of the window.

Somehow, I just couldn't totally say this series was bad despite the bitter taste it left in my mouth, because it really wasn't considering what the story was trying to convey overall. It wants you really to hate some of what the characters do and present it in a way that's controversial. I have the feeling if you're looking for a story with a lot of shock factor and less traditional romance and realism, School Days would be more in your venue.  Yet, for someone who looks for relatable emotions and good, developed characters, it truly isn't here.

School Days focuses on three main characters: Makoto, Kotonoha, and Sekai.  Makoto develops a slight crush on Kotonoha while riding the subway one day, and when Sekai notes Makoto's crush, she throws her support in hooking the two together with full support. Yet, she harbors a secret fondness for Makoto in her heart-a factor that becomes the worm that eats its way through the hearts and progression of the series to come.

From that point on it becomes a web of betrayal and sexual deviancy, and while that factor sounds intriguing, the presentation of School Days really doesn't back that factor up because it doesn't give the characters as much weight on that factor. Makoto himself is a lackluster male lead with an insatiable desire for lust and sexual promiscuity-and while in his construction it does make you hate his actions, he's not more than 1 dimensional with tunnel vision-no reasoning (and I have to clarify-it's not so much what he does that's the problem, but more or less how it's developed), and very little shown to show the backbone of his addiction. Only in the final few episodes you actually see some hint as to where he laments and realizes he has a problem-a stronger irony it would have been if not presented so late or so lackluster.  Sekai and Kotonoha, along with the harem cast of girls in the series, are unfortunately the victims of this deviancy, yet none of the girls, save for Kotonoha and Sekai, are given adequate development to really give Makoto's affections weight-then again, perhaps it ties in with their roles overall, not really given much heart, but as pawns in a game where their hearts are given less weight than their bodies. This could have had so much more potential if the time were taken to really give the side characters as much focus as Sekai and Kotonoha, but unfortunately, it was impossible to do.

I'll give it to the series for developing Sekai and Kotonoha, probably the better developed characters in terms of stark impact of all the events, but by the series end, it was clear that things were turning toward the extreme route for both girls.

The series does have nudity, but not as prominent in the TV version compared to if you saw the DVD, much more overt in places, and heavier than that are the series thematics, hence I'd give this series a rank for a more mature audience.

Then there's the ending, and I think it could strike the viewer in a number of ways.  For me, the ending was only partially expected, but it would have had more impact (i.e. given a greater shock) to me if it didn't feel tacked on and rushed beyond oblivion. The reason I say it's rushed is because there's a lot that happens and it really could have just as well had another ending, but it went the route that most people thought and came off as a display moreso than something you could really feel sentiment toward. My approach with this series might be different than what most may view it, because in entertainment, people may not give this as much weight because it puts on a good show subjectively, but for me who looks for heart, good characterization, and lasting value in a story, this series doesn't excel.

School Days actually could have been much more of a beautifully told tragedy, but ended up as nothing more than a shallow watch. I'd only recommend this to those who aren't looking for a traditional romance or those who don't mind series with conflictive confrontations and themes without much expansion or development.


I didn't always like the character designs for School Days, but it gradually warmed up to me as the series went on.  Backdrops, Cel production values for School Days are very well done and noted for a 2007 title.  I can't take away much from School Days on this aspect and I think people will enjoy it, save for some points where it seems a little choppy on the design.


The soundtrack to School Days was among the more noteworthy ones  I've heard in quite some time.  The opening theme didn't really catch me at first because it does feel like the opening to an ero game, but it grew on me as I watched the series.  The insert and ED themes, particularly "Waltz" by Kanako Itou, were beautiful and definitely among my favorites overall.

Voice acting actually made School Days better among the characters, the VAs were well chosen for the personalities, but the overall story was what took away from the characters more than the quality of the acting.


Not much to note on the characterization-the characters aren't handled as well as they could have been.  The primary three are perhaps the characters you follow most throughout the overall series, and honestly, are the only ones that are well developed, even Makoto I'll admit.

Sekai was easily the most likable in the start of the series with her upbeat and overall sweet personality, and you really feel for her in some scenes when she comes into conflict with Makoto for not being decisive about his affections, and she ends up being just as flawed with her own insecurities.

Kotonoha may strike some as being the typical shy girl stereotype...and indeed she is.  There were some scenes I even tried myself to really feel for her character, but the way the series didn't expand on the things that happened to her, or just left situations without really taking her character further that disappointed me.

The secondary cast aren't developed all that well, and easily fade into the background save for points where they cause or perpetuate conflict among the main three.  Somehow, if the secondary cast were given more collective weight and development, this could have been a better series.


Overall, a hesitant recommendation.  I personally did not really like it as I found it shallow and underdeveloped but there were moments I admit did strike me, and thus I wouldn't completely write it off, but it's certainly a type of series that could have been so much more.

4.7/10 story
6.5/10 animation
7.7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Oct 5, 2014

School days is an ecchi harem* anime that is very different. This is the opposite of all those other terrible harem anime, as it actually has a story. A lot of people hate it, not cos it's bad, its actually decent. Reason: since the characters affect the story, it goes in a certain direction. Kinda like an action plot where the villian wins and enslaves the world. There were a lot of shocking moments. The mature themes of this anime certainly do not suit the high school setting and it reminds me of TV soap operas, which are terrible. If you watch this, watch all the way to the end. The moral of the story is "Romantic love does not actually exist." I'll have an extra spoiler section towards the end (#number) due to the very progressive story, which I don't usually do.

* - I hate the ecchi/harem genres and this will affect my opinion during this review

For an anime that came out in 2007, the animation isn't bad, but it doesn't stand out either. I've seen older anime that have done better. maybe it is because of the atmosphere of this anime. It has a certain style to it, but sticks to this style, perhaps for the better. The ecchi is actually rather minimal, mostly groping and the like, but it is surprisingly justified by context when it gets a bit more fan-servicey. Most of the mature stuff is actually implied though I think there might have been a topless scene. Might have. The sound was decent and suited the scenes. It wasn't spectacular enough to make me want to download it however. No epic orchestras or cool rock here. At least there's no cringey pop to ruin it. This anime is in Japanese, so English subtitles are required.

The characters are definitely the worst bit of this anime and of course this causes things to happen in the story. They are all terrible human beings, perhaps less than human. The girls have no sense of self-respect, lack the ability to judge character and none of the cast have any morals (#1). The worst bit is, people behave like this and do this sort of bullshit in the real world too. Of course this has the bullshit anime trope of there being no parents around ever! I'll start off with the best and most interesting character.

Kotonoha Katsura is a big-breasted high school girl who is rather shy and most importantly, mentally fragile. She comes from arich family and has a younger sister. Because all the boys like her {for her looks, fucking hormonal ingrates!}, it contributes to her being hated and therefore being bullied by most of the girls. This character's progression is very understandable, dare I say realistic. Her behaviour makes sense given what she goes through. Worst thing about her is the denial/bad judge of character. More on this character in the spoiler section (#2).

Makoto Itou is a high school boy who has a crush on Katsura. He is by far the worst character in this anime, possibly in all anime and he drives the shocking story. Thinks only with his dick and is no better than an animal. Take this character as an example, DO NOT BEHAVE LIKE HIM! All that said, at least he breaks the gutless harem protagonist character trope, but replaces it with something worse. Only a few words to say in the spoiler section, contributes to an unrealistic part of the plot (#3).

Sekai Saionji is a high school girl, who is Makoto's best friend and sits next to him in class. She seems to be a very empathic, understandable character. This character has me conflicted (#4).

The other characters aren't as important (#5).

The story, a controversial part of this anime that has people divided. It say it is similar to the 'Red Wedding' episode of Game of Thrones. One thing for sure, it is absolutely unsuitable for a high school setting, I don't care what the age of consent is in Japan. It is adult themed, though this doesn't mean porn/nudes whatever. There were a lot of moments that made me shout 'WHAT THE FUCK' very loudly and 'YOU ****ING [insert insult here]', probably disturbing the neighbours. As for the plot itself, it's actually good, very unpredictable and it even had foreshadowing (#6) towards the end! I hated it most of the way through and the ending made it bearable (#7). I was going to druck marathon this anime, which might have been a good idea in handling the bullshit.

Overall, watch this anime to learn how terrible people can be. Because there are people like this in real life. This is a realistic portrayal of how so called 'love' actually is and that isn't just me being cynical. I hated this anime, but the story was actually good and it was a decent anime. I think this is the first anime that I hate that I'd recommend/give a decent score.

Family-friendliness Rating: 5/5 Mature themes, very so (lower is better)

Overall Rating: 6/10


(#1) All of the girls fuck Makoto. Despit knowing he is a scumhole who cheates on his various girlfriends. The girls even set up a fuckbooth and film people doing shit in there and then watch it. And they bully Kotonoha and the various people who do shit in the fuckbooth.

(#2) She is psychologically messed up. And she is constantly in denial about her boyfriend cheating on her. How the fuck does she still like that scumhole? There is something unclear, at the end of episode 10/11 she did something with Taisuke. I'm not sure whether it was anything sexual in nature. Psychobitch kills the girl who was her only best friend and keeps the head of her dickman, who I'm not even sure she fucks, maybe in episode 12? She treats the disembodied, rotting head as if it were alive and runs off with it in her yacht. It's understandable how she becomes a psychobitch, since she goes through so much negative shit.

(#3) He fucks, every girl in this anime. Well, all of the characters that actually matter. And then ditches the girl he claims to love when she gets pregnant. Good fucking riddance, HOWEVER. Despite his bullshit, I am firm in my beliefs that nobody has the right to take another's life. Plus death was too easy, Saionji should have chopped his dick off and stuck him in a room with nothing but gay porn on a projected on the walls. MAN I HATE THIS LITTLE SHIT!

(#4) She still likes the bastard after he repeated cheats on her, even with her best friend and even after she gets her pregnant. She doesn't get the abortion, cos she's a dumb whore and she was actually pregnant at the end. It's just that Kotonoha was so far in denial/had killed the foetus, that and you couldn't see it through the gore/it hadn't developed to be large enough to see. She dies and I really don't care though she did kill Makoto, well done. For that I'll like the character.

(#5) See (#1) and Hikari Kuroda fucks Makoto, despite liking Taisuke, She could have done the same thing with him, he's a perverted freak all the same and would love to have his dick sucked. they are all shit character's.

(#6) The play that is watched near the beginning/middle appears in Saionji's mind in episode 12. The knife has more attention to it in episode 11, before it is used to kill Makoto in episode 12.

(#7) Makoto dies and Saionji dies. Also, none of the girls want anything to do with him after they find out he's inpregnated Saionji.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
1/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jul 12, 2013

I have to wonder...  What would it be like if all of the girls from this show all went on The Jerry Springer Show?  The brawls would be incredible.  Then again... some parts of this anime weren't far from that. XD

In all honesty, I only watched the show due to it's mixed reviews(literally! Check the review section!)This anime has to be the most disturbing thing I have ever watched.  From the themes, to the way Makoto sleeps with so many girls without actually caring about any of them, to characters being 'taken advantage of', to a random bed in the school where students er... 'hook up' with one another, to the ending.  Oh My Good Lord, the ending.  The ending was the weirdest, craziest, most messed up ending I had ever seen!  I will discuss some more of this later, but for now I should put a warning: People who have issues with blood,death, murder, teenage pregnancy, players, or any kind of anyone taking advantage of another person, this anime is most defiinitely not for you.  

Story (1/10):

The first episode of this anime, and even the first part of the second anime, put up a hypocritical persona of what the show would be.  It starts off adorable and innocent, with Makoto falling for a girl he sees on the train(Kotonoha).  His friend Sekai helps the two get together, and it seems innocent and sweet, though it's obvious that Sekai likes him. 

Unfortunately, everything goes downhill from there.  Like... Everything.  Makoto goes and sleeps with Sekai, and almost all the other characters in the show too.  There's a bed called the 'lounge' in the school where people sleep together.(EW!!!  How much stuff is in that bed!!!)  And of course the teachers had to film it and show it...(If I were one of the people in that video I would sue the school for invasion of privacy.)  And of course there's Taisuke 'taking advantage' of Kotonoha.  

And the ending...  Dear Lord, the ending!


So, Sekai says she's pregnant, but Makoto still goes and stays with Kotonoha, deciding he'll finally settle down with her and not sleep with any other girls.(Wonder how long that would last with that despicible human being... ugh...)  Sekai comes to talk to Makoto, presumably about his baby, and then stabs him to death.  Kotonoha figures out that Sekai murdered him, and meets with her on the roof of the school.  Kotonoha then chops Sekai's head off and rips open her womb, proving that she was never pregnant at all.  The show ends showing Kotonoha on her father's yacht, hugging Makoto's severed head.  All I could think was: WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WITNESS!?!!?!?!? O.o


The show, to even be considered slightly more passable in the story, would need to at least add some comedy to the show.  Once again, the first episode had some pretty funny jokes, but after that it bored me until the ending, where it finally surprised me for once...  It just gets SOOO BORING!  The only reason I finished it was because I knew the ending was crazy.

One question:  Why did everyone love Makoto anyway?  He's not even hot...


I can only really compare it to Twilight or Fifty Shades of Gray in terms of awful.  I'd probably prefer to read Twilight than watch this again.

Animation (8/10):

Animation in the show is beautiful.  Backgrounds are rich and colorful.  Character designs are interesting and fitting, though they're only likeable apearence wise.  I just feel bad that the animators were great but they had to deal with animating this show.  This wasn't the best animation I've seen, however.  Too much fanservice though...  A ton of irrelevant shots of characters' chests and panties are there.

Sound (8/10):

Just like the animation section; I don't have much to complain about here.  The opening and closing themes are gorgeous, and voice acting is relatively fitting.  The only problems I had was the creepy sparkly sounding jingle that played when Makoto gropes a girls boobs.  Yeah.  Disturbing... Ew... That and Kotonoha and Hikari sound too high pitched and unnatural on occasion.

Characters (1/10):

Because a lot of the characters in the show are pretty dang awful, I will focus on each one I can think of enough stuff to say about in detail:

Makoto:  Ever heard the song The Cell Block Tango?  If you haven't, listen to it.  It's perfect for Makoto's case.  "He had it coming, he had it coming, he had it coming all along."  When he was finally murdered, I found myself internally cheering "STAB HIM HARDER!" when he died.  He starts of seemingly innocent, but then he sleeps with almost all the girs, without using protection.  He doesn't really love either Sekai or Kotonoha, and he switches between them and all other girls to have sex with them and leave him.  I feel awful for anyone who falls for him.

Kotonoha: She was my favorite out of the group at first, but she turns into this blinded by love, idiotic girl, who refuses to believe that Makoto isn't cheating on her and that he's 'her boyfriend' even after she caught Setsuna kissing him and him telling Sekai he loves her while undressing her on the roof of the school.  Plus, she goes really, really nuts at the end.

Sekai: Too loud.  She yells out everything important, especially private matters.  And then she overreacts to being left, without even making sure she was pregnant and murders her 'baby daddy'.  God, that sounds like something out of Maury. 

Taisuke: I hate his guts too.  He started off as a funny foil character for Makoto.  I liked him at first because of his comedic value.  I hated him because he sexually took advantage of Kotonoha.  I know I've said that a lot, and I know it's suposed to be a plot point, but it's still disturbing.  He has the nerve to think she'll like him afterwards too!

Hikari; I thought she was cute at first, but then she randomly sleeps with Makoto for no reason.

Otome:  First thing I thought when I saw her...  I wish I could be nicer but, she felt like a slut from the start.  No better way to put it.  And I was right.  Well... at least she realized how awful he was and left him.

Setsuna:  She's the head of the student council, a strong/silent type.  She would do anything for Sekai(or she claims she will)  She too, sleeps with Makoto.  Irony.  Oh, it burns.

Nanami:  She's the only character I felt sorry for in the end.  I felt bad for Sekai and Kotonoha at first, but they proved themselves to be too far gone to like them.  She has a video of her and her boyfriend sleeping together shown to a room full fo people by a teacher.  It was awful, and she's the only character who really burst into tears like that.  It was so cruel that if I were her, I would've sued the people who showed it.

Overall (4/10):

Overall: Don't watch it.  It's awful.

Oh, and it tries to be a love triangle, but there are too many harem aspects to just be a love triangle!  It contradicts itself!  Ugh..

Moral of the story:  Don't cheat on your girlfriend or she'll stab you to death.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
1/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Feb 16, 2015

School Days manages to be utterly crap on so many levels of writing that it will totally disgust you. You are supposed to absolutely hate the characters, otherwise I have no explanation for the writing. Oh, and the ending of the series is a cheap cop out to try make us forget everything was utter garbage until then. If only it could shock the viewers into succeeding.

It starts out as a classic harem/romance piece of garbage that lacks any creativity. There are odd camera angles that are supposed to add drama but end up just annoying. There is humor which is at best juvenile. Then, the moment we start looking more into the characters, you can begin to feel the hate. I get it, the lovable idiot with no redeeming features is suddenly the dream of every girl. Of course, that doesn't work if he's the single least likable person in the cast.

If there is any reason people hate teenagers, it is because of the ones that act like the ones in School Days. The cowardice, selfishness, stupidity, obliviousness, and general ability to annoy pervade every nook and cranny of the character driven side of the show. There are the girls that rationalize sleeping with the popular boy. There is the popular boy that will sleep with anything that moves. Oh, how easy it is to hate the main character. The ending nearly makes all the build up worth it.

There isn't any particular story, the characters are disposable annoyances, the animation is subpar, and the sound dull. Very rarely have I come to loathe a cast as much as I have in School Life, and the ending nearly made up for it. Nearly. The main problem is that the drama is that of school kids on steroids. Nobody cares about the guy who sleeps with all the vapid girls who will sleep with him because he's popular and has some superficial charm, let alone the vapid girls. This is a teen soap opera which ends with a cop out that is extremely satisfying yet ultimately empty.

Writing (Story and Characters):

Oh, the end of the series manages to salvage some of the value. It doesn't change the fact that the plot is thin at best, the characters are annoying, and the "psychological aspects" or however you want to call the attempt at depth is an abject lesson in literary failure. There is a vision here, only it's a shame that we have to suffer through ten episodes of complete garbage writing that could be condensed into two, in order to get to two episodes that should have been condensed into one.

The "story" of School Days is character driven. There is no real plot. The whole school life aspect of it is boring. Nobody cares about teens cheating unless they're fourteen year old girls looking for soap operas they can relate to. The drama is so forced and derivative that it will make you cringe. Really, the failure of the story is so extreme that the person who wrote this should have his arms chopped off in fear of something of his making it through again. I get it, people like to "deconstruct" stuff by making it "dark", yeah well... this isn't such a case. Deconstruction requires subtlety and insight, two things the story completely lacks.

In character driven stories, the characters are the ultimate thing in which a series can rise or fall. School Days ambitiously tries to have the main character the ultimate douchebag. Well, that only works if that character is interesting. He isn't. The rest of the cast manages to come off as a bunch of idiots. Everyone is selfish, most are cowards, and most of all, they are with nearly no exception annoying as hell. There is not one member of the cast that elicited any sympathy from me, and quite a few managed to make me hate them.

How do you not do things in order to make a school drama interesting? School Days has your answer. The writing is subpar, and while an interesting concept, it cannot undo the fact that it is sheer agony to plow through until it reaches some sort of a point. Romance falls flat in a story about romance gone wrong. That should tell you all you need to know about the writing.

Art (Animation and Sound):

From an artistic standpoint, School Days is mediocre at best and a horrible failure at worst. There is absolutely zero wow factor in anything, and there is so little in the way of creativity to make up for it that it hurts. The amount of issues which plague the sound and animation is huge, and unfortunately, not only in the tiny details. It isn't very bad. It's just that all the issues here pile up rather than manage to hide behind things the show does well.

Really, I understand that Shaft is a studio that has wild success with odd camera angles used for creative purposes. School Days has a cargo cult for that - it matches the form in a crude sort of way, but the execution is all sorts of wrong. The character designs are taken straight out of an eroge (every breast size available, naturally), and the lack of anything distinctive in anyone backfires spectacularly. The entire animation feels monotone. The color palette is surprisingly cold, and doesn't really fit with most of the series. Overall, there are some things that are nice, but the animation is generic on every level that isn't a failure, and isn't outstanding in any parameter.

Audio can either bring everything together, or be completely annoying. With School Days it is completely annoying. The voice acting is grating, the opening and ending themes both annoying and a bad fit for the show, and the effect use is cliche. The soundtrack isn't bad, and is actually a surprisingly good fit, and a few characters have voice acting that is actually great, though that seems more like a mistake than anything else. Still, I mentioned all the bad things, and that doesn't change the fact that from at least a technical perspective, the execution was sound.

World creation for the writing to thrive in is the ultimate goal of the artwork in anime. Where the writing is terrible, it can add extra dimensions and push a show to a different direction and fix plenty of the faults. What a shame that the art in School Days is so generic and bland, with plenty of mistakes and a severe lack of vision.


People talk about School Days like it isn't terrible. And that's because of the ending, which is much better than the rest of the show. Unfortunately, it did not manage to erase the terrible taste of the rest of the series for me. This show is bad, and the staff behind it should feel bad.

2/10 story
3/10 animation
4/10 sound
2/10 characters
2.5/10 overall