School Days: Valentine Days - Custom lists

  • Chitose Get You!!
  • Brothers Conflict OVA
  • Black Butler Picture Drama
  • Binbou Shimai Monogatari
  • Aggretsuko (2016)

Valentine's Day & White Day Episodes In Anime by AnnaSartin

These anime have episodes where characters celebrate Valentine's Day, a holiday for lovers, and White Day, a Japanese-only holiday that takes place on March 14th where people - mainly males - buy gifts for those who gave them...

  • Brigadoon
  • Cencoroll
  • Alien Nine
  • Tanjou: Debut
  • Popee the Performer

Anime Badges by YariMari

How to obtain some of the anime badges. I will comment on all the ones I've watched myself just to keep track, but you don't have to pay any attention to that. Feel free to use this list as a guide to get some of the badges, and...