School Days: Valentine Days

OVA (1 ep x 19 min)
2.471 out of 5 from 5,442 votes
Rank #7,281

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and all of the girls of Sakakino High are excited - many over the idea of giving some homemade chocolates to Makoto! Sekai gets help with her creations, Kotonoha works hard at making some treats of her own, and many others join in the fun as well. Will Taisuke get the attention he craves? And with so many advances coming his way, will Makoto be able to survive the Valentine's Day attention?

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mariprosa's avatar
mariprosa Jan 25, 2008
Score 4/10

I didn't hold a lot of expectations coming in for the School Days OVAs, the Valentines special no different, and it's really more for people who want more of a silly, situational take on the series, almost like an extra episode, and to be honest, I did find it somewhat entertaining, but as for rememberance value...not really.There's really no essential story to School Days OVA... read more

Sheex's avatar
Sheex Jan 24, 2008
Score 2.5/10

Excluding the opening and ending tracks, School Days: Valentine Days boasts an astounding fourteen minutes of absolutely worthless content.  If my memory serves me right there was an actual Valentine's Day episode in the series, so why this was even made boggles me.  There's really not too terribly much to say about the (nonexistent) story other than it was downright awful, as it... read more

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