School Days ONA

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One day, at the beginning of his second semester, Makoto Itou fell for a girl he saw on the train; but as he's too nervous to approach her, the teenager is content with watching her from afar. However, following a seating change in class, Makoto meets Sekai, who soon learns of his secret crush. After teasing him for a while, the energetic teen decides to help Makoto in his romance by introducing him to the girl of his dreams, Kotonoha...

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Gzerble Feb 16, 2015
Score 2.5/10

Why must I have a side to me that cannot let go of something until I've completed it? Really, I just want to be over with School Days already. So I watched this. It really is absolute crap you know. If you want a retread of the opening of the series, with crappy cuts and a visual style more fitting for manga, then here it is. I'll start with the good: there is less story, so it is less annoying. There are... read more

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