Say "I love you." - Mei and Marshmallow

Alt title: Sukitte Ii na yo.: Mei and Marshmallow

DVD Special (10 eps x 1 min)
2012 - 2013
2.701 out of 5 from 1,606 votes
Rank #7,715
Say "I love you." - Mei and Marshmallow

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The series tried to do a little something different than your usual coming attractions, and while it didn’t make you rush to view the next episode, it was a cute little way to break things up and give you a bit more character info. Story - 6/10 Often these little clips give a recap of what happened in the episode before it. Some consist of Mei fretting, while her cat Marshmallow runs around complaining about how she’s giving her attention to Yamato, which of course she only hears as “Meows.”   Other episodes are just little goofy things, like Marshmallow meeting Yamato’s cat, Mei trying to sing karaoke and her giving a recap of her entire life. Animation - 6/10 The animation style used is the polar opposite of the series itself. Where as the series was highly detailed, with some of the best cinematography for animation I can remember, these little episodes are made to be simplistic and cute, looking more like stop motion than full on animation. Sound - 5/10 There are only one or two pieces of instrumental piano music used repeatedly in these little clips. They’re not going to blow you away musically, but they did a nice job of fitting the story. Being that the few minutes of total screen time only consisted of Mei, her cat Marshmallow and Kuro, another cat, there wasn’t much high quality voice acting going on. Like the music, the V.O. artist did the job needed. Characters - 6/10 Surprisingly they hid a tidbit of character information in these little clips, well besides the overt information about Marshmallow being a very jealous kitty. During one of the conversations between Marshmallow and Kuro the cat, we find out how Yamato was actually a loner, and didn’t become outgoing until he met Mei, who’s loneliness he could relate to. Overall - 5/10 Chances are you watched these not even knowing you watched a little special add on. They were cute and didn’t take up too much time, so how can you not like them?

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