Santa Company - Reviews

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Jul 14, 2018

Christmas is a time for being with friends and family, giving gifts, and all around good feelings. And one of the ways of getting into the Christmas spirit is a good Christmas special. Its a good way to get the family (and friends) together to enjoy something with each other. Besides the gifts and food of course. And one of the things that you can enjoy is Santa Company.

Santa Company is an anime short film from 2014. The short started out as a crowdsourcing campaign on the Japanese site Anipipo by Kenji Studio, a company started by the director of the short, Kenji Itoso. It's original goal was 1 million yen, and unfortunately it fell short of that goal. It was later re-launched on kickstarter for the lower amount of $50,000, which it managed to surpass, which i am glad for, because this short was a real surprise.

The story follows a trainer of the Santa Company, Moel White, as she prepares for her test to become an official Tonttu, with her assignment being "To find the most important thing for a Santa Claus." As the deadline for the completion of this test draws closer, a single letter, a wishlist, from a child arrives late at the company. Soon, Noel and her friends set out to try and deliver the present before it's too late.

Being just less than 30 minutes long, there's not enough wiggle room to try and talk about much of the story after the initial premise, so i won't talk too much about it other than to say that even thought it's simple and a bit cliched, it is appropriately adorable and it's worth checking out. It definitely doesn't overstay it's welcome with it's short run time, like a lot of other Christmas movies do.

There isn't an English dub, but i didn't expect one because of it's meager budget, so it does limit it to kids who can read. But i figure there are enough of those who still enjoy Christmas specials along with enough adults who don't mind or enjoy Christmas specials aimed at a younger audience that there is an audience for this. It is also definitely nicely animated and it does have an adorable art style.

Santa Company might be short, simple, and not bring anything new to the table in terms of Christmas specials, but it's not a bad way to spend half an hour around Christmas for those in the Christmas spirit and kids old enough to read.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.7/10 overall