Sanrio Boys

Alt title: Sanrio Danshi

Sanrio Boys

Sanrio Boys Episode 2 - Gift Gate After the Rain

Kouta's classmates, Mizuno Yuu and Yoshino Shunsuke, reveal that they too love Sanrio characters and are self-professed, "Sanrio Boys". And, much to Kouta's surprise, they feel no shame in admitting that they like these things! Kouta has a hard time accepting this and tries to avoid a very intense Yuu bent on becoming his friend, but finds himself unable to avoid his new acquaintances. Meanwhile, when Kouta's stuffed Pompompurin, a beloved token from his deceased grandmother, winds up accidentally being sent off to the recycler he takes off in a desperate search to try and find it. At his wit's end Kouta is happened upon by Yuu and Shunsuke and wonders why they can admit was he has never been able to.

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