Sanrio Boys

Alt title: Sanrio Danshi

TV (12 eps)
3.095 out of 5 from 745 votes
Rank #4,781
Sanrio Boys

Hasegawa Kouta, 17 years old, is a second-year high school student. His days are unremarkable and average when Kouta meets Mizuno Yuu, Yoshino Shunsuke, Nishimiya Ryo, and Minamoto Seiichiro, who are fellow students attending Hijirikawa High School. In an instant, Kouta's average life begins to be awash with sparkling light. A tale of a sparkling youth and his encounter with the Sanrio Boys. Our story begins.

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It All Started With Pompompurin image

Episode 1

It All Started With Pompompurin

Gift Gate After the Rain image

Episode 2

Gift Gate After the Rain

My Sister Blue image

Episode 3

My Sister Blue

Hello Friends image

Episode 4

Hello Friends

Broken Rose-Colored Clouds image

Episode 5

Broken Rose-Colored Clouds

Above the Distant Clouds image

Episode 6

Above the Distant Clouds

Miraculous Holiday image

Episode 7

Miraculous Holiday

Sparkling Rhapsody image

Episode 8

Sparkling Rhapsody

The Boys' Vacation! image

Episode 9

The Boys' Vacation!

Dream Galaxy, Compassion Planet image

Episode 10

Dream Galaxy, Compassion Planet


Episode 11


The Magic of Friends image

Episode 12

The Magic of Friends

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Kekichan's avatar
Kekichan Nov 16, 2018
Score 9.5/10

I really enjoyed this show. It's very cutesy and has a tendency to get maybe too sappy sometimes but in general, I think it's really good. The characters are definitely this show's strong point and they are excellent. The friendships feel really sweet and pure and make this a great feel-good anime. The animation can be weird at points where they draw the characters over photographs with a filter on... read more

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Sanrio Boys
  • Vol: 6+; Ch: 35+
  • 2016 - ?

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