Sanjougattai Transformers Go!

OVA (10 eps x 15 min)
2013 - 2014
3.116 out of 5 from 37 votes
Rank #13,452
Sanjougattai Transformers Go!

The story follows a boy who is tasked with protecting "legend discs" with the help of the Transformers in the Warring States period and in the modern day. The Swordbot Samurai Team is made up of Kenzan, the police car Transformer who practices the "Emergency Two-Sword Style" of swordsmanship, Jinbu, the jet Transformer who will never lose a battle of speed, and a practitioner of the "Super Aerial Sword Style," and Ganoh, the fire truck Transformers with unparalleled power and the "Fire-Fighting Charging Style." While each can transform into a robot on their own, they can combine in multiple ways to form three unique giant robots — Go-Kenzan, Go-Jinbu and Go-Ganoh, depending on who is the head. In addition there is the Swordbot Shinobi Team: the Gekisoumaru Lion Ninja of Land, Hishoumaru Hawk Ninja of Wind, and Sensuimaru Shark Ninja of Water.

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STORY – 1/10Okay, I know it’s weird to do a ‘worst anime series ever’ directly after doing a ‘worst anime movie’ ever, but I need to tell you guys this BEFORE you go off and waste your life. ‘Transformers Go!’, or TG as I’m going to call this from now on, is in my opinion a horrible excuse for an anime. It shouldn’t even exist! Most of the time America takes a Japanese story and adapts it, they fail miserably. I’m not saying ‘dubbing it’; I’m saying ‘adapting it’. Well, this anime attempts to make a successful story set in the same universe as transformers prime. But this anime falls into the same trap most Americans think; anime is for kids. It’s not. The concept of this anime is actually quite good. I mean, these are samurai transformers; ones that the TF universe could really use! But after one episode, I understand the extent of this anime’s fails. The story is overly simplistic, with childish humans and transformers that have no emotion. Sure, they’re robots, but at least they’re sentient! They have feelings! This anime disregards every element of the transformers universe, and even refuses to acknowledge the true ending of transformers prime. The synopsis tells you that it is set in the events that took place on earth after Transformers Prime. Optimus Prime makes a minor appearance in the anime, and yet the original series showed him sacrificing himself to save Cybertron. The story fails on so many levels, and it’s not just that fact that brings this anime down. ANIMATION – 0.5/10When I reviewed Suisei No Gargantia, I said that the CGI here fitted in perfectly with the hand-drawn animation and the painted backgrounds. This anime demonstrates the precise opposite. The Transformers in TG are infinitely worse than those of the Unicron Trilogy during the 2000s era. In fact, even those Transformers looked okay. These transformers, as shown in the anime, fail on all accounts. Their movements are stiff, their textures don’t match those of the backgrounds and their mouths! THEIR MOUTHS DON’T EVEN MOVE! Heck, I’d like it better if they didn’t give them mouths and simply put mouth-grates like Optimus Prime had, BUT NO! Instead they model the mouths and don’t even move them! Their heads also look ugly. But what about the non-CGI animation? Well, what do you expect from an action anime, even if it is aimed at kids. You’d probably expect somewhat realistic drawings. Here, it’s precisely what it shouldn’t have – CHIBII! Honestly, even Pokemon’s better than this. At least they use the correct style of drawing for the series. This obviously doesn’t.  The animation is terrible here, and that’s all I have to say. CHARACTERS – 0.5/10I know what you’re thinking; “where’s the sound review?”. Well, there is none. I can judge all the other factors based on the first episode, but I can’t for the sound. And damn, there is NO way I am watching another episode of this crap. But, I can comment of the characters. They’re just as bland as the CGI animation. The main character, who’s name I can’t even remember, is the typical child you see in children’s anime. He’s about as old as Ash, I think, but his drawing style makes him look a lot younger. And his character just doesn’t have any personality. I’m not a fan of the recent Pokemon series, but I’m pretty sure Ash has a decent personality. This character, however, does not! Then, there’s the samurai Transformers. There’s Ganoh, Jinbu and someone who I forget. The only reason I remember those two and not the others is because I saw reviews for their toys. Anyway, their designs just look lame. This is the Transformers Prime universe, isn’t it? Well, looking at them, they look more like the Transformers from the Energon series. That series is the only one I hate out of the Unicron trilogy, where this obviously gets its inspiration from. Not only do they look lame, but their pure purpose is to sell the toys; something japan doesn’t often do. Their personalities are just as bland as the humans, and they have that unnecessary crazy shout that many people have stereotyped for anime. And it’s not a short one, like ‘Bankai’ or even ‘Kamehameha’. It’s this; “TRANSFORMERS SAMURAI TEAM, COMBINE – (insert form here) MODE!”. Honestly, it fails yet again. OVERALL – 0.1/10If ever there was an anime I had utter hatred for, it would be this one. Up until the first episode premiered,  utterly thought that I hated the Pokemon anime (the recent episodes, not the old ones), even though I loved the games. But the moment I saw this, Pokemon looked like pure gold. Now, many people criticise this for being too much like the ‘failed’ Unicron trilogy. Now, I personally liked that trilogy (with the exception of Energon, but 2/3 is still a like). This, however, is just plain aweful. Like ET to the AVGN, this is my least favourite anime to date. It’s even worse than the Mewtwo and Genesect film. I urge you not to watch this. Move along with your day and pretend it does not exist…

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