Sands of Destruction

Alt title: World Destruction: Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokunin

TV (13 eps)
3.5 out of 5 from 4,070 votes
Rank #5,493

In a world where humans are enslaved by beast men, there is one person who wishes to destroy it all: Morute, the leader of the World Destruction Committee. She sets out on a journey with an ancient artifact known as the "Destruct Code," a device rumored to have the power to destroy the world and turn everything back into sand. Along the way she finds two companions: the kind-hearted human Kyrie, and aspiring hero and beast man Toppi. Together the trio travels the world, always staying out of reach of the World Salvation Committee. Will they discover the secrets of the Destruct Code, and more importantly, succeed at destroying the world?

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Sands of Destruction starts off with a unique storyline, interesting world, and solid animation. The world they live in is primarily ruled by beastmen, and humans play the role of the disenfranchised minority. The main character has a mission to destroy the world and carries a black sphere with the power to do it. She just doesn't know how it works. A plucky, confused cook joins her and a rough and tumble pirate bear makes it a trio.After three episodes the show plummets into mediocrity and loses in all the categories it has thus far championed. The girl with the epic death wish wanders aimlessly and has some remarkably juvenile reasons for wanting oblivion. She loses credibility as a dark antihero. If it happened slowly throughout the series I could see it working, but they defanged her way too quickly. The cook doesn't get tougher for the company he keeps and stays shrugging and stumbling throughout the story. The bear speaks the proud language of his people which, regrettably for the viewer, involves him ending every sentence with "kuma." Every single one. Imagine someone saying "period" after every utterance. It's a neat idea that is painful to behold.The animation also dives to head shaking levels. Three frame movements and combat choreography gimmicks steal the action.All in all, this starts off with a lot of promise and then sinks quickly to a run of the mill cheap anime title with nothing new offered and nothing new gained. It's a better ride than most S.A.V.E. titles, but that's not saying much. There might be something special here for fans of the game, but for your average anime viewer, there are only characters as dry as sand, and pacing that makes you yearn for destruction.


Plot: I had an anime marathon with my roommate and sister and we ended up choosing this for some reason. We tried to pick out something that was 12 episodes, was on a legal site and something neither of us tried but within something we liked. Ga-Rei-Zero didn't really interest us (granetd we only gave it 2 minutes) so we moved on to Sands of Destruction. It started off well enough. It kept my interest and had a somewhat interesting plot. The animals helped with how ridicilous they looked. However, after the first episode, the series became fairly episodic. It was basically how they saved someone while Morte continued to want to destroy the world. The flashbacks were short and felt out of place. The plot was really predictable most of time. It had humor but the ending was awful. I knew what was going to happen and also the emotional scenes didn't really pull on your heart or anything. By the end of it, I just thought: "eh". It was an ok series with adventure and humor and some action. Nothing great. Honestly, there are so many other series I can name of that are more humourous, have more adventure and action with some actual plot twists. It was disappointing. It wasn't a complete waste of time and it wasn't completely boring or awful. However, it just didn't amount to much. Animation: It was ok. Characters were distinguishable from each other. Not very memorable except for Toppy. He is adorable and I loved him. However, the rest were nicely animated but nothing great. Colors were vivid and bold but nothing special for present day animation. The action scenes were lackluster. The opening and endings were ok. Overall it was nice but nothing much that blew me away. Sound: Mediocre. The seiyuus did a decent job but the soundtrack and opening and endings were completely lackluster. I hardly remember the opening and ending and I watched all 13 episodes straight a couple of hours ago. The soundtrack at best fit the scene but most of the time was out of place. They would play what seemed to be an adventure track when it was action scene. Not impressive at the very least and it took away from scenes. Characters: Lackluster, predictable and sometimes annoying. They were funny but Toppy was the only one I liked. Morte was hypocritical and her decision to destroy the world made little sense. She hardly changes throughout the series except from some development at the very end of the series. The rest of the characters have little to no development. You see random flashbacks but they don't seem to mean much. Some don't even have a backstory and at most you know their name. They stay fairly stagant the remainder of the series. I was disappointed. Overall: I wouldn't really go to this for anything. If you're bent on watching it, it won't be too thrilling that you can't wait until the next episodes. Granted you'll probably watch the first two episodes and think that was ok.....but I'd rather watch something else.

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