Samurai Shodown: The Motion Picture

Alt title: Samurai Spirits: Haten Gouma no Shou

Movie (1 ep x 85 min)
2.02 out of 5 from 449 votes
Rank #9,021

Join the characters from the acclaimed Samurai Shodown (AKA Samurai Spirits) games, as they try to rid Japan of a great evil. Shirou Amakusa has broken the seal holding the evil god Ambroja at bay, and now it's up to Haohmaru and his companions to thwart this foul plan.

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Thrawn May 18, 2013
Score 2/10

Story: Lets see... there are these bunch of... warriors, of different ethnic origins (It's important) and they fight this lady who looks like a dude. She uses some magical powers and shit to totally jack them up and they do some magic of their own to escape it. It really makes more sense if you watch it until it actually happens because none of it makes much sense- but anyway, good trying to combat evil fails... read more

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