Salaryman's Club

Alt title: Ryman's Club

TV (12 eps)
3.847 out of 5 from 1,330 votes
Rank #1,789

Mikoto Shiratori is a childhood prodigy at badminton, but who never recovered from a major loss during a high school competition. Now, he works in the sales department of the Sunlight Beverage company, playing badminton on the side.

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(Updated/Edited)  Let me first start by saying it's nice to see anime about Adults. I've enjoyed watching this every week! The office setting was a joy to watch and to see adults balancing both hobbies and work is a nice touch. The visuals were nice to look at. As for the sport of badminton it opened and exposed many people to an underrated sport. I liked how committed every character was to the sport and how they wanted to keep going, despite having their villain of a boss wanting to take it away. As an adult, it's important to have hobbies and I think this show expressed that perfectly. A good sports anime with a nice pace.  It gave me different vibes than most sports anime that takes place in a high school setting. Maybe because it gave me a sense of a small slice of life vibes which is understandable because of the office setting and how a team on and off the court work together to achieve their goals. The story was relatable because as an adult we too have hobbies and goals we want to achieve, so it was nice seeing an anime that focused on relatable aspects of life.  The dynamic between Mikito and Tatsuru was a fun part of watching this anime. The two of them balance each other out, all while being complete opposites both off and on the court. While Tatsuru is more of a free-spirit person with not many worries. Mikito is the kind of person who is more self-contained and a bit distant and quiet. When it comes to playing together they both have an understanding of how they want to play, which takes time and effort. Though they managed it and are now able to read each other while playing.  I really enjoy the sounds, to be honest. The way the racket would hit the shuttlecock, along with displaying how fast and powerful each player hits it. The office setting was a nice touch as we actually got to see what their project was and how it all played out.  I adored how we as viewers got to witness them playing with other teams, and witnessing their work life. Each character had some type of struggle to overcome either an injury or past trauma. It was relatable.   Thanks for reading. 

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