Salaryman Kintaro

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After former motorcycle gang leader Yajima Kintaro saves the life of the Yamato Construction Company's CEO, he is offered a job working for the company. However, when it becomes apparent that a corrupt faction of the company is trying to gain full control, Kintaro's moral and physical strengths become more useful than the CEO ever imagined. As he works his way up the career ladder Kintaro is forced to deal with many problems, from confrontations with Yakuza bosses to preventing the collapse of a tunnel. But can an uneducated and rowdy person really make it as a salaryman?

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Some anime are just so manly that they no longer can be considered mere anime. They fall into the rare niche genre of MANIME!. Anime for men! Yes this anime is very manly! Its so manly infact I cried manly tears several times during my time watching this. If anything I'd say it was Silver Fang Gin, but instead of dogs... it actually had people and was much more realistic... but thats not saying much considering how realistic Silver Fang was >_> Story- The story... is very contrived, prepare to suspend you disbelief if you plan on watching this anime lol. So the story centers around our protagonist in his late 20's Yajima Kintaro! A man among men who was once the leader of the Hosshu League Gang and commanded the respect of motorcycle gangs all over Japan. However the story takes place at a time in his life where he is simply an ordinary salaryman. As the anime progresses we soon realize that, that won't last for long. Like I mentioned the story is hard to believe at times and has some really cheesy dramatic moments, but contains many emotional scenes of comradarie, men standing up for their fellow man, chivalry and all that good stuff. I wouldn't be lying if I said I watched this anime just for those scenes, just waiting to shed tears of manliness.  Animation- Its bad I won't lie, even the fighting scenes look pretty terrible. For an anime made in 2001 the crappiness of the animation is just inexcusable. However I did cut it some slack for having fairly decent char designs. Although many of the female designs are used over and over and the male designs sometimes don't have as much detail as I'd like.  Sound- I swear they ripped most if not all of the sound effects from Silver Fang Gin. Either way the soundtrack is quite inspirational with many uplifting tracks and the opening and ending themes are pretty decent. Oh yea and don't forget the cliche dramatic sound effects XD Characters- Somehow every random character that Kintaro ends up saving somehow helps him in the future... whether it be helping him get his next contract or rewarding him with valuable information. Almost every character in this anime succumbs to the extreme manliness of Yajima Kintaro. Aside from the main character himself there are several important side characters including the chairman of the company he works for, several of his fellow salarymen and other powerful and influential people who help him out along the way.  Overall- Despite all the faults of this anime I still enjoyed it a lot. Kintaro's story is tragic and compelling, albiet rather cheesy. Obviously not for everyone but if you enjoyed anime like GTO, Rainbow and Silver Fang Gin you might just enjoy this anime as much as I did.  

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