Salaryman Kintaro

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After former motorcycle gang leader Yajima Kintaro saves the life of the Yamato Construction Company's CEO, he is offered a job working for the company. However, when it becomes apparent that a corrupt faction of the company is trying to gain full control, Kintaro's moral and physical strengths become more useful than the CEO ever imagined. As he works his way up the career ladder Kintaro is forced to deal with many problems, from confrontations with Yakuza bosses to preventing the collapse of a tunnel. But can an uneducated and rowdy person really make it as a salaryman?

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TheStampede01 Sep 5, 2012
Score 6.5/10

Some anime are just so manly that they no longer can be considered mere anime. They fall into the rare niche genre of MANIME!. Anime for men! Yes this anime is very manly! Its so manly infact I cried manly tears several times during my time watching this. If anything I'd say it was Silver Fang Gin, but instead of dogs... it actually had people and was much more realistic... but thats not saying much... read more

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Salaryman Kintarou
  • Vol: 30
  • 1994



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