Sakura Wars TV

Alt title: Sakura Taisen TV

TV (25 eps)
3.239 out of 5 from 1,404 votes
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It is the early 20th century, and steam-powered technology is ushering Japan into the new era. Suddenly, demonic forces begin to terrorize the world, yet hope remains for mankind! The Flower Division, a team assembled from the world's most talented psychics and spirit warriors, fight in their steam-powered mechs to battle the evil. To unleash their hidden potential, the Flower Division must also perform plays and entertain the citizens of Tokyo.

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Rbastid Nov 2, 2018
Score 2/10

Sakura Wars is another show that has sat on my shelf for years. I always like to get everything from a series before watching it, so I don’t forget possibly crucial information that is needed in the subsequent movies and OVAs. Thankfully I finally got around to watching this without buying the other parts to this universe, as it saved me from spending money on this truly awful series. Story - 2/10 This... read more

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Crises Oct 31, 2017
Score 7.5/10

If you have played the game (Sakura Taisen 2) and developed an emotional connection with the characters, then I think it’s safe to say you will enjoy the show. If you haven’t, then I think you will probably enjoy the show, but not as much as a good original series or manga adaptation. The villain-related plot is tripe, as expected. It follows the basic contours of the game but with large... read more

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