Sakura Wars: Le Nouveau Paris

Alt title: Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau Paris

OVA (3 eps)
2004 - 2005
2.584 out of 5 from 167 votes
Rank #8,255

The Paris Assault Force is back, but their leader is not. He's left for Japan, leaving the talented showgirls to wonder who should take his place. Will it be Erika the innocent nun, Loberia the ex-thief, Coquelicot the energetic circus performer, Glycine the proud noble, or Hanabi the expert marksman? Each girl believes she would be best for the position yet strange events put off the decision. Soon, more important events arise: an investigation threatens the secret of Les Chattes Noires, and a series of mysterious attacks rock the city. Can the girls discover the man behind the attacks, keep their secret safe, and still put on the best show in town?

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