Sakura Quest

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Sakura Quest

Five young women have one thing in common—the careers they planned for themselves weren’t working out. Job dissatisfaction, trying to make ends meet, and personal insecurities lead each of them to start working at a local tourism bureau where their lives become intertwined. As the girls experience their first year on the job, they learn a lot about their town, their industry, and themselves. 

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One of the main things that got me to watch this show is it's relation to one of my favorite anime ever, Shirobako, as they are from the same studio, P.A. Works.  However, it would be a big diservice to come into Sakura Quest and expect the same thing from them.  You simply can't compare them because of how different their execution is. Story Yoshino Koharu has done everything in her life to move away from a boring quiet life.  She left her small village in the countryside to Tokyo for a more exciting life.  However, things just aren't clicking for her.  She has barely gotten any long term jobs and she's slowly losing faith.  Then, her agency hooks her up with a job in this small country town of Manoyama as their "Queen" to help liven it up and increase tourism to that area. While not having over the top hyped up moments, it emphasizes all the little things in life and personal growth.  The latter is one of the reasons why I love Shirobako so much.  Throughout the story, every character changes for the better by the end of it.  Each mini arc of the story, while done to help improve the town and its citizens, were personal journies for each character.  Although some felt like they were dragging a bit, it was all progress. Animation and Sound Best part of the animation is the consistent high quality of everything.  While not doing anything over-the-top or having to reinvent animation, you can appreciate the consistency.  Character designs felt real (outside of anime hair but that's all anime).  One of the coolest thing about designs is the sheer number of outfits each of the main 5 characters. As for sound, they all had an amazing set of OP's and ED's that are just so catchy and just make you feel all happy inside.  Then there was an OST towards the end that was just so adorable. Characters This is by far the show's greatest quality.  As I said earlier, everyone grows.  That wasn't just about the show's main characters but many of its recurring cast.  Those that don't really do much growing are still memorable in their own right like this awesome old guy who loves butts and wanted to know how to clear his search history.  Everyone was such a great compliment and foil to others.  While one character desperately tried to change the town for the better with varying results, there is another who opposes him bound to traditions. Overall Whatever this show lacks is made up for with immense amount of charm and personality.  It may not be one of the greatest shows ever, it's still very heartwarming and touching to experience.  If you ever need some light-hearted fun, I'd definitely go for this show.


First off, its not great in PA Works track record. We got Another, Angel Beats, Charlotte and now this thing. I like how they're trying to add variety in their shows but this one totally misses the mark. Today I'm going to explain how and why they missed the mark.  Story: This five girls orginal plans in life were not working out so they all come together to get their town back in order and get the spark the town once had back. Some efforts include: Making people buy their sweets. throwing festivals, having their own tv show, having a popular band play, a matchmaking service, etc.  As you have noticed, none of these events tie in together, its just a jumpled mess. This show is a Slice of Life show, but it adds nothing to the genre at all. One example that changes up the genre is Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid, where the cast was likeable, had a good story, had dragons in it, and Kana is best girl. But I cannot say the same for Sakura Quest.  The loose bindings that they call a "story" don't work well with their characters either.  Characters: I've noticed something with these characters. They always run away from their problems and someone needs to go comfort them to convice them to get over their problems. Need an example? I got several. First Sanae doesn't think she can put in 110% of her time and effort into her job and what does she do? SHE RUNS AWAY. Then Maki doesn't want to do acting anymore, what does she do? Try to improve her skills? Try to build her self-confidence? No, SHE RUNS AWAY. When Shiori sees that a old lady's house that she knew getting burned down, what do you think she does!RUN AWAY!! When Ririko doesn't know how to get along with the others in her town and-WAIT SHE RAN AWAY!!! Chitose, Doku and Ushimatsu had a band 50 years ago AND THEY STILL COULDN'T SORT OUT THEIR ISSUES AFTER 50 YEARS!!!  Overall though, I don't reccomend this one. (Also this story doesn't need 25 eps) Watch some other P.A. Works stuff, its way better than this.

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