Sakigake!! Otokojuku

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Sakigake!! Otokojuku

Otokojuku, a private school for juvenile delinquents that were previously expelled from normal schools. At this school, Japanese chivalry is taught through the feudal and military fundamentals. Similar to an action film, the classes are overwhelmed by violence. Only those who survive it become true men.

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Are you ready to walk the path of a man? Do you believe it is your time to become a true man among men? Then it may just be the right time for you to watch Sakigake!! Otoko Juku! **WARNING** Side effects of Sakigake!! Otoko Juku! may include: Your voice dropping several octaves, rapid muscle development on all parts of your body (yes even your eyebrows), profuse growth of hair on all parts of your body (especially your face), your shirt spontaneously bursting into shreds, caring way too much about your friends, height growth ranging from 1-4 feet, many manly tears, dangerously high levels of testorterone and just awesome manliness in general.  Story- The story of this anime will be engraved in your mind for as long as you live. It is a true of comrades facing true danger and coming out on top. It is the story of men whos manliness make the likes of Chuck Norris shit himself. Truly only semi-divine being must have written such a epic and mind-blowing story. Okay seriously, the story is okay the first half of the series is much more focused on comedy while the second half takes a more serious turn and ends up as a looong tournament. I do believe the comedy based episodes were the based, but I really wasn't able to get into them until around episode 8.  Animation- The animation of this anime makes anime today look like it was drawn by 5th graders. What is this nonsense about proportionate limbs and realistic body structure? Characters must have as much giant muscles as possible! Honestly though the faces and costumes are more detailed than most anime today... once you get past the extreme muscles of all the characters it's not so bad. Also its not the the case that the creator could only draw characters like that, because they often show ordinary people in the anime, ofcourse being as ordinary as they are none of them have any significance to the anime. The animation itself is pretty usual for the time period. Gotta love those shiny blood effects lol. Sound- The opening will make you shed manly tears time and time again. Only the voices of angels could produce such sounds. Simply listening to this song will instill you with the manly virtues of a true man and lead to the path to refine your manhood and guts. The OST is decent, atleast it doesn't sound like its been copy-and-pasted from some other anime (I might have to to watch FotNS and be proven wrong though lol). The ed theme is forgettable, but the op is nice.  Characters- Forget David, Hercules, Gilgamesh, Odysseus, Perseus and Beowulf. The characters in this anime are true heroes. From the time they first appear on screen to the time this show ends you will find yourself continuely cheering them on. The legends of Momo, Togashi, Toramaru and J will be told and retold throughout the centuries. Yeah... my problem with the characters is that they're in no way realistic.... at all. They're so typical shonen it hurts and obviously this was the intention considering that most of the anime is supposed to be a comedy, but when it gets into that tournament arc the cheesiness is sometimes just too much to bear and did I mention that all the important characters in this anime look they've been genetically fused with bears? Oh and there are pratically no women in this anime, aside from this one episode that focuses on an old lady that foolishly tries to interrupt the manliness of this show. Overall- This anime had some good moments and also a lot of times I found it hard to get through, which I can only blame on my lack of manliness. Indeed I must set aside more time out of my day to refine my manhood. So put on your Fudoshi, buckle up and prepare your body for the manliest experience anime has to offer. Oh and one last thing "I AM THE PRINCIPAL OF OTOKOJUKU EDAJIMA HEIHACHI!!!!!!"

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