Saki: The Nationals

Alt title: Saki: Zenkoku-hen

TV (13 eps)
3.834 out of 5 from 1,164 votes
Rank #2,020

The National High School Mahjong Tournament has finally arrived, and Nodoka, Saki and the rest of the gang are eager to prove themselves in the arena! But winning it all won’t come easy, with fierce competitions on all sides from a variety of other Mahjong clubs, including Ako and her friends from Achiga High. Let the games begin!

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Hand 1: To Tokyo image

Episode 1

Hand 1: To Tokyo

Hand 2: Support image

Episode 2

Hand 2: Support

Hand 3: Start image

Episode 3

Hand 3: Start

Hand 4: East Wind image

Episode 4

Hand 4: East Wind

Hand 5: Gods and Demons image

Episode 5

Hand 5: Gods and Demons

Hand 6: Withering image

Episode 6

Hand 6: Withering

Hand 7: Attention image

Episode 7

Hand 7: Attention

Hand 8: Fortress image

Episode 8

Hand 8: Fortress

Hand 9: Sortie image

Episode 9

Hand 9: Sortie

Hand 10: Friends image

Episode 10

Hand 10: Friends

Hand 11: Threat image

Episode 11

Hand 11: Threat

Hand 12: Truth image

Episode 12

Hand 12: Truth

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