Sailor Moon R: The Movie

Alt title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R: The Movie

Movie (1 ep x 65 min)
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A flower given in friendship should be something to be treasured. When a stranger named Fiore approaches Mamoru out of the blue, he claims he's returned to fulfill a promise made long ago, but is that really all that he wants? Something sinister lurks beneath Fiore's promise, and it's up to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi to find out what it is!

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Greetings Fanboys and Fangirls everywhere, Now if some of you remember my Retrospective on the Sailor Moon Anime I said that there are Movies in that Franchise, And I'll be doing a Sailor Moon Movie review today, Starting off with the first of it's kind, Sailor Moon R There is a title for this one called Promise of a Rose... neat, For starters this movie takes place during the Sailor Moon R season, I'm believing in-between episodes when Emerald was in charge of the Bad guys of the season and when Usagi and that episode when Mamoru and Usagi got back together and some might say Emerald was having a break, And Chibi Usagi never returned to the Future yet... Yeah, that's what Robyn from Anime America said... Well in her own way. Here is an interesting fact the Animation in movie is on pare with the show that's because the Animation was done by Toei animation and this company is famous for a lot of Animes over the years, Some notable works such as Cutie Honey, Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, even the Ojamajo Doremi series, (Why Wikipedia wasn't joking!) They are also the masterminds behind the Pretty Cure series, (Which in my opinion Pretty Cure is Probably Sailor Moon's Spiritual successor.)I'll be watching the Dub version on Kissanime cause in my case if there is an anime Movie I have to watch and Review at the same time, Best place is Kissanime, And the Dub is done by Pioneer yeah Pioneer re-released this movie on their DVD on January 6, 2004 under their "Geneon Signature Series" line. The DVDs later fell out of print when Pioneer/Geneon lost the license to the film. (Yeah Trust Pioneer and Geneon to lose a license to one of Toei's Classic) But here's something that makes things more confusing In 2014, the film (including the "Make-Up! Sailor Soldier" short) was re-licensed for an updated English-language release in North America by Viz Media, who has plans to produce a new English dub of the film in association with Studiopolis in Los Angeles, California and re-release it on DVD and Blu-ray. It has also been licensed in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment. (That's good to know, But Why keep the Original Dub of this movie on Kissanime if your not gonna Bother uploading the updated version?)Anyway Our story begins with.. Well An introduction of our Hero Ladies and Gentlemen Or should I say Heroine, Usagi Tsukino AKA Sailor Moon... Yeah this is an introduction to her Statues as a hero and her Friends as well which includes Sailor Mercury (The Brainy one of her group), Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter (My long time strength Rival.), And Sailor Venus... Okey Your noticing one thing while watching this, This is the Original Dub so Yeah Our Protagonist sounds like a Young version of Queen Elisabeth from Englands industrial revolution era say 1868, Okey aside from that This anime was made in the 90's and the Dubbing back then was... Kinda weird. (Ohh ohh sweet merciful lord, This is what we are in for folks, Voice acting so 90's style, it's enough to make everything you hear with your ears sound louder.) Anyway we truly open up with a boy meeting another by for the first time we learn that one of the boys is named Fiore, You see we are in the memory of Mamoru Chiba AKA  in the Anime Dub his name is Darien suites the fellow well, But I'm not sure why he needed a name change in the first place, He gives thing a Rose... (I'm not gonna ask) Now we open up to an older version of Darien NOT paying attention to Usagi telling him of a flowers name, PAY ATTENTION TO THE GIRL, FOOL! By the way in the dub Usagi's name was changed to Serena, (To be honest I've been listening to the Dub names for so long, that they are kinda stuck in my head so Forgive me if I use the English Dub names.) Serena does say that them Flowers she's on about say that the name of the Flowers called forget me not stands for True Love in the Language of Flowers, (Umm, I didn't realise that Flowers have there own Language, I'm finding that really Strange and confusing at the same time.) Then she makes a pose to kiss the guy, But to make sure Darien is not being spied on He looks around, Yeah that's what I would do, But does not look in the Bushes where her Friends are Spying on them, (Umm Okey, Serena are they really your friends or are they Stalkers just portending to be your friends?) Good old Darien notices and then we see Serena nearly making a kiss with... you guessed it A Caterpillar... HAHAA She nearly kissed a bug (But I'm not gonna say what kind of Caterpillar it is because my memories of insects are not all that good), Mean while we see Darien walk alone outside for some fresh air, Don't we all man. But then something strange happens, It's raining Flower pettles, I hope these are not the Rose pettles from Good times and Golden film Beauty and the Beast Movies (You know the ones that Phalous reviews?) But the Flower pettle rain is so interesting it was able to get the attention of Serena and the other girls in her so called Friend-list, (Good to know a girl like her likes things like this.) This is when we see a some age version of Fiore saying that he has returned and He has found some Flowers for the guy... What is he gay? But when Serena tries to break the guys grasp from Darien, He Striate up pouches Serena to the GROUND! And vows that no one is gonna keep him from keeping his promise. Yeah something tells me that we've not seen the last of Mr Gay Flower guy who pouches woman... It's gonna be one of them days isn't it? At Rai Hino's temple, the Sailor Soldiers discuss an asteroid which has started to approach Earth and on which Luna and Artemis have discovered traces of vegetal life. Oh yeah I should say that Luna and Artemis are the Cat mascots of the Sailor Moon Franchise In the Original Manga they have Human forms but It's not shown in the Anime they serve as the Sailor Scouts informants and reminders of there responsibilities, So does mean that when the 90's Sailor Moon Anime ended, Luna and Artemis became Toei Company's head Advisers, Did they come up with the Fairy-Mascot Idea for the Pretty Cure series? (Please leave a comment down in the bottom what you think of that.) And of cause They can talk, and the White Cat can use a Computer, (Truly Evolution is now allowing Cats to use Technology, If they start walking like us humans and do what humans are capable of, It's time we started treating Cats like they are people like us.) They say that the Asteroid is massive a good size non the less by Artemis account, Amy says that if that thing hits the earth it would mean big Trouble, Yeah and would cause a Mass extinction... on the Human race... ALONG WITH EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE PROCCESS!!!! But Artemis tells us that even though it's big It's more hollow on the inside so it will burn up before it even hits earth, (Thank goodness your there to give us the good news about that.) But Luna said that it's got a Mega high energy reading, (Oh Thanks Luna!) But The talk turns into rumors about Mamoru's and Fiore's possible relationship, while Usagi thinks about how Mamoru had told her that he had no family and was alone, and how she had promised him she would be his family from now on. Oh yeah, It was never mentioned in the Show, But in this movie, Darien has a Tragic Backstory, It seem he lost his Parents in a Car Accident in his younger days, But we will get into that more later, Anyway While the Girls where walking to there Japanese School Rai notice that something is not right (Yeah I mis-heard that she is a Psychic, So does Professor X of the X-Men know that she has the same Psychic Powers as he does?... Yeah where not gonna get an Answer there!) Seems most of the population is on the floor, Probably dead, (Oh Crap Girls run, The Happening is... Happening!) No There Energies are just stolen, And they are now By the look of them Plant-Zombies, Oh-boy I didn't think The Happening plant would turn these people into Zombies, But luckily Rai uses her Evil-Spirits Disburse Japanese Magic Voodoo and kills off the Evil Dead vines knocking out the people, (Good Job Rai, They where that close to eating your Friends.) But Amy Tracks the Energy source where it was coming from on a Plant... With her Mercury Laptop... Okay? and the Plant shows itself as Glycinaa Flower-Monster Henchmen of the guy who has an interest for Darien, Well the Thing is a hot Flower Monster Girl, Guys if you are Watching the Movie before Reading this Review, I recommend Dating the thing first... Before it kills you, So Sailors Jupiter and Venus Transforms and saves Ami and Rai from getting there energies draind like a battery, There is a line in the movie that Sailor Jupiter said That's one stubborn Weed, Yeah I'm beginning to think that Lita originally came from Texas with that Voice of hers, I don't know if it's true that she has that in the Manga, Or was it the English Dub Voice Actress that did her? but anyway Ami and Rai Transform into Sailors Mercury and Mars and use there powers to Attack the Evil Plant thing. Mean while Serena is well sleeping, (Lazy Bitch) But at least Rini is there to wake her up... WAKE UP YOU LAZY SLOB!!!!!! Now that she's awake Rini informs her that her friends need help, So she transfoms into Sailor Moon, Not before Rini thanks Usagi for saving her and Wishes her luck... That's nice. (Ohh Here's something about them when they Transform, Are they in some kind of Naked Energy Form when thet Transform that hids there Mouths and Noses?, I'm serious What kind of Form is this when they are Transforming? You know I would assume that that what they might look like if they are oneday Turned into Ghosts, But What ever it is, It's interesting... Not the kind for Fan-Servise kind of Interesting but might bring up some Ideas.) So Sailor Moon Saves all there Asses, And does her... Speech (Sailor Moon Was that really necessary?) So Yeah with there powers combined they where able to Erase the Flower-Monster Girl from existence, Well Done Ladies, I give this battle score... 6 out of 10 Not bad but a couple of you girls may need to work on your Solo Attacks. This is when The Flower Freak Fiore shows up and Shows us his True face... This is what he looks like Folks,… It's possible that he might have been related to Ali & En… It shows by the way the guy looks and how he Dresses later on in the movie, I'd like to Thank Robyn from Anime America for pointing that out for me, And it seems there is a Flower on the guy and it's got a girl in it, This is the Xenian Flower and it's alive just like the other Flower Monster, Fiore makes sort work knocking the Sailor Scouts out, (Gotta hand it to the guy, He knows how to hold up in a battle.) He gose to kill Serena thn a Rose strikes on the floor , And we learn who throw it... Why it's the Fancy Dressed Vigilante Tuxedo Mask, Ohh Joy, But wow Them Roses are like Throwing Knives, Did this guy Train in Naruto's Homevillege soe he can learn to throw those things? Anyway He tries to reason with Fiore thathe is still his Friend that that his heart was once Pure but is now Corrupted, And he is righ the Xenian Flower has Fiore under it's control, So a battle between the boys and, Wait a minute, How did Darien get a hold of a Sword, Was it in his cape the whole time? Oh wait it's his Cain (Sorry my Bad!) And then... Fiore's Nails Grow and... Stabs Darien... Holy Shit!!! I did not expect something this Dark happen to a guy whose only Superhero costume is a Tuxido and a Mask, Fiore realise what he has done and is in shock, Saying "I cant lose the only friend I ever had"... YOU DID THIS TO HIM YOU FLOWER CONTROLD MORON!!! So he kidnaps his Dying corps and disappears, Much to Sailor Moon's sadness... To be honest, This would be sad to some girls who are fans of the show, But to us fellows who Review Animes whome might be Fans... We would be like, Damn! I'm beginning to feel sorry for the guy, Getting Stabbed in the Chest by a Flower guy with five long and sharp figure nails, It is here we begin to learn more about Dariens Youth, How he lost his Parents in a Car Accident, But it looks like his Parents must have been Pretty Crap Drivers cause by the Angle of  that Car Driving off a cliff, They where trying to do a Japanese version of the Jack-Ass show, But something went horribly wrong. Poor Darien He was the only survivor of that Failed Jack-Ass stunt, Dariens Backstory is very interesting to some of us because it Explains how he met Fiore in the first place (Strange Fiore sounds like Yori or Yuri, giving the English way of speech) And He wakes up inside a Healing Pod of in this care a Giant Crystal filled with What I'm guessing is some kind of Healing Liquid, How is he breathing in that without a Breathing Tube (Yeah, Much like Precure All Stars Spring Carnival, the Laws of physics are out the window, Make me wonder if they are connected?) This is where we learn more about Fiore's backstory, I was right about him being related to them other two, He was lonely in space till he landed on Earth so a young Darien sees hem and.... Umm Darien I'm gonna ask one question... WHY IS HE IN THE BED WITH YOU LIKE THAT!? So later on Darien gives him the Rose, And then we learn of what Fiore's promise is, To find the best flower no one has ever seen before, It's a shame that it's the Xenian Flower, Been giving the idiot idea that the people had left Darien Alone, So he plans to make the world pay for it. (Why didn't you just go to a shop and get a normal Flower?), So now that we have the Chat with Darien and Fiore out of the way Let's start talking about the Xenian Flower more in Luna and Artemise words, they explain that the Xenian Flower came from another Galaxy, Saying that it's one of the most Dangerous kind of plants in the universe, It's goal is to gather enough Energy from the Planets and stars, And... Well this was the first time they seen it and known about it one the Moon Kingdom here are there words "Luna: On it own, the Xenian is just an ordinary Flower. Artemise: So She needs someone to act on her behaph, a kind of Pawn. (So he's a slave to this thing?) Luna: So she wait for someone who has a vulnerable heart to come along. Sailor Venus: And she somehow puts them under her spell. Artemise: Exactly, She plants the seeds of negativity and turns a pure heart into a Dark one, And from there her powers will grow until she Destroys everything, (Everything... You don't mean?) Once Xenian is finished with a particular Star or Planet, The Pawn becomes dispensable and the planet filled with hatred.)... I... I don't know what to say about this, I'm just gonna call some one, (JWB Takes his phone out of his pocket and Calls Bennett the Sage) Sage: Hello? JWB: Bennett, We need to talk! Sage: This is gotta be Joseph? JWB: It is, I gotta ask you, Did Luna and Artemise know about this Xenian all this time and never tell anyone about it? Sage: I'm guessing, Dude that Them Cats don't tell us humans much, Why are you so panicking about it? JWB: I'M NOT PANICKING!!! Just hearing that That plant can Destroy an entire Planet is... Really worrying, Why would they not tell us about, Do they have a Secret Dis-trust of us Humans? Sage: Okey, Joe Just tell me what you doing? JWB: Just doing a Review of Sailor Moon R the movie Why? Sage: Well, Take a deep breath, Let it go slowly, And remember the Sailor Scout will win, Go it? JWB: Got it (Joe Hangs up.) Sage: GYAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! So Mercury Annualised the Flowers Energy and it's the same coming from the Asteroid I mean Planet, So they Decide to get there, But we've forgot that Sailor Moon is still upset about losing Darien, Ohh and here we get some encouragement from Rini... Whom pops a Handgun from her Luna-ball... the hell and she's pointing it at Serena, Oh god NO DON'T PULL THAT TRIGGER!!!! (BANG!!) Way ta go Rini, YOU KILLED HER!!!! Nah just kidding it shoots a little tart with something on that I can't read because I can't read Japanese. then she is reminded that Fight  for each other, And because of Serena and Darien they keep each other together, And they will not let Darien go, (Wait does this imply that Darien not only have Sailor Moon as a girlfriend, but her entire Team are his Girlfriends as well? Oh my god Darien NOOO!!) Ohh did I forget to mention that Rini is Sailor Moon Child from the Future? Well now you know. So they Preform the Sailor Teleport to get to the... Umm Planet Is it me or does it the Sailor Teleport look like they are inside a Teleportation bubble? I'm not gonna question it and naiver should you. Sailor Venus points out that the Planet is covered in pink Flowers, Gee Venus, I wonder what gave you that idea? Anyway an another one of them Plant Abominations tries to attack them but the they use the Sailor Planet attack on it... Which I have to admit, There attack are more powerful then I could give them credit for, after there landing Mercury scans the area with her Mercury Laptop again and Locates the HQ where Darien is being Held there, This is where Fiore shows up and informs us of his or the Evil Plants plan to spread the seed all over the World, And tells us that it will grow on any surface... Right, It's a good thing I have Weed Killer in my Garden shad. But Sailor Mars makes the first mistake and Launches an attack on the Enemy, Rai, When your talking to an enemy Don't attack when he is talking. And then the Army of Flower Creatures rise from the... umm Flowers, (RISE FLOWER MONSTER GIRLS OF WAAAAAAR!!!!!) So the Battle of Flower Planet of Evil Begins, You know given the time when this was made, It's a very good Battle, Play the God of War 2 Menu theme on this and it might be interesting, That is until the Jack-Ass plays it dirty and Ties them in the Vines, Okay Pouching girls is one thing But Tying them up in vines is another, In some shock, Sailor Moon Stands down and tells him He win, She said that only to have him release the other Scouts, That's noble of her, Seems that that's weakening him well the Evil plant on his Chest that is. But the Evil Plant gives Fiore a Power upgrade and dyed his hair Pink it seems with a Very Weird costume... Okay, Darien struggles to get out of that Giant Crystal (Must be suffocating inside of that thing) But gets out, Never knew he was that strong! As the Evil Flowers start draining Sailor Moons energy while Fiore is holding her in a pose that might be sexually Harassment, We look into the past of the Sailor Scouts before they met Serena, Interesting, And it gives us some aspects of there Characters... Which we already know because of the show. But then suddenly An ROSE ARROW WAS SHOT INTO FIORE's CHEST, Almost hitting the heart... Shit, Feeling betrayed he set's the Planet with a collision cores with Earth, Probably gonna kill all life on earth, (Oh good one Captain Pin-head!) But hope remains in the hands of the only Hero or heroine of the entire franchise and possibly the future of Toei's success SAILOR MOON, Yeah she plans to use the Moon Crystal to save the planet even with her friends trying to warn her of what might happen if she uses it, (Well if it kills her and saves the planet, At least she'll Sacrifice herself for the Planets sake.) Then Fiore grabs the Moon Crystal, Which is on her chest in between her Breasts... FIORE YOU PERVERT!!! THAT IS DEFINATLY SEXIAL HARASSMENT HERE, WHY IS NO ONE CENSORING THIS MORON YET??? But something tells me that This isn't Serena, No I'm getting the Idea that this is Princess Serenity not in Serena's Body? I'm guessing yes. Now we see How Darien met Serena in the first place, Wait a minute, If Young Darien Met a Young Serena in the hospital when her little Brother was being delivered in this movie, Then Why did he pretend that he never met her before in the very FIRST EPIDOSE OF THE VERY FIRST SEASON!? Did Darien and Serena forget about each other when time passed when they where young? Anyway She was the one who gave Darien the Rose in the first place, Yes the same Damn Rose that He gave to Fiore, This I guess is the reason why Darien has Roses in his Tuxedo Mask, To be truthful, That make a lot of sense, Congregations We have learned everything we need to know about the History of Tuxedo Mask, Anyway being exposed to the Moon Crystal's energy Xenian can control Fiore anymore and dies... with Fiore disappearing as well, So serena Transforms into the Moon Princess Serenity and Uses the Crystal to Stop the Appending Doom, Thank goodness she's was there so stop a Falling Giant Pluto sized Rock. But it seems that it has killed Sailor Moon... Poor Sailor Moon, She gave her life in the line of duty for us, Then Fiore shows up thanking Darien and Serena for saving his Girl Abusing life, So he gives Darien a flower that hold his remaing life energy, just so He can revive Serena, (Ahh He's giving up his own life so Darien can be with his Future wife, I'm sure the Grim Reaper is in tears of watching this.) And so Our story ends with Serena Revived, The Moon Crystal Restored, And everyone is all happy, But there is one question in my head, Since Luna and Arteries are not with you to say Sailor Teleport... How are you lot gonna get back on earth?... Yeah... You might want to think about that for a while... Anyway the Movie is Stupid but Awesome! The Makers of this movie clearly understood that the Story in this is Dumb so they just went all out with it, I mean what's not to like in this, The Animation is good, The Villain is a Antifeminist, It has Evil Plants, Magical Girls from a famous Manga/Anime, And Learning the complete Backstory of Tuxedo Mask, It just has fun with the premise and has no Regret making it, As for this Job, I like this movie, I give it 7 out of 10.

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