Sailor Moon R

Alt title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

TV (43 eps)
1993 - 1994
3.725 out of 5 from 11,170 votes
Rank #2,804

With Queen Beryl defeated and her Dark Kingdom destroyed, Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Senshi have returned to their normal lives, with one exception: none of them have any recollections of ever being Senshi! When a new threat appears in town, will the girls regain their memories in time for Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon to save the day once more? And just who is that little girl with the pink hair? Only time and transformations will tell!

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Story: I am sorry but I just can't seem to fully love Chibi-Usa(Rini). I know she is a kid and she hasn't learn much yet and you can't expect much from an 8 year old but still I don't enjoy her character. The story truly will revolve around her so it's interesting. I will say that I love how this storyline is based on the future so you get a glimpse of how life will be. I enjoyed the future scenes in the show but wished it was as good as the first season.  Animation: Animation is better than the first but it's still not the complete best. Like my previous review of Sailor Moon, you can't really compare this series with something made in 2013. So with that said, I think it's pretty good animation. There was a huge upgrade in artwork that I noticed from the first season like brighter and bolder use of color. I felt that it was a lot more colorful than the first and I really enjoyed that.  Soundtrack: I always enjoy a Sailor Moon soundtrack because they tend to use the same or similar music and I like that. I don't mind having new music but something about the old music just makes my heart melt. I love the overall soundtrack of Sailor Moon because it reminds you of certain scenes. I am always a fan of the Sailor Moon Soundtrack.  Characters: Again, great in depth characterization of each Sailor Scout. What I liked most about this series was how in depth they went into the villains. You get to learn so much about them and why they act that way. It's always a great for me to know how and why a person is who they are. Everyone is born good and it's how you are raised and what affects you that makes you an evil person. I love being able to be compassionate towards the villains in the show. On the other hand, I don't like Chibi-Usa's personality but that's just me. (Yes, I don't like the kid, but that's only in this series. I find her more enjoyable in season 4).  Overall: I would say it is not as action packed as the first season but it's still a really great show to watch. This season is my most unliked season of the Sailor Moon series because I can't stand Chibi-Usa(Rini). But the future scenes are so amazing and I just love how Neo Queen Serenity looks like. She is everything I imagined and she looks just like her mom. Chibi-Usa looks more like Queen Serenity of Silver Millenium(Princess Serenity's Mom from Season 1). Overall, still a likeable season but there's better seasons. 


As with the first season, Sailor Moon's biggest weakness is its plot. Less intriguing than the first season's but just as formulaic. However, despite the overall plot lacking much interest, it is still a joy to watch every episode due to the amazing characters and their emotional journeys. Usagi and Mamoru's relationship was simply a low point, however. The finale was specatcular, approaching some more mature themes than the first season did. The animation is pretty much the same as in season one - very gorgeous backgrounds, intriguing villain designs, and minimal movement for minor scenes. There are less stutter shots in this season, which I consider a plus since I don't like them. The costume design this season was particularly amazing because of its alien characters, who wear more baffling styles but make it work. The sound is also similar to the first season's. Repetitive, but effective. A lot of the score is simply the same as the previous season, but the new songs were very good, especially the new transformation music and the ending songs. The characters continue to be the strongest aspect of Sailor Moon. This season, Usagi's character grew infinitely more appealing as she matures, becoming my favorite character this season. Minako also gets a lot more character growth, which she didn't really have time for in the first season, coming in very few episodes before the end. Rei got less focus this season, but was fantastic every time she was on-screen as usual. Chibi-Usa is very annoying in the beginning, but I don't hate her by the end, so there's that... Makoto is alright this season, but her character is rather weak to me and has been since the beginning. Ami this season, however, was downright boring - her literal only personality trait is being smart and studious, and she cares for nothing else (apart from friendship, sometimes). Sailor Pluto makes brief appearances this season and she's quite mysterious, but nothing more than a minor character. The villains were all very intriguing; some of them received quite good redemption arcs while others were written as well-rounded antagonists, with reason behind their actions yet not justifying their evil deeds. Overall, it was on par with the first season and very enjoyable. The romance takes a dip this season when it was already not a high point in the first, but it's a very minor aspect in the grand scheme of things. As always, friendship is much more important to Sailor Moon than anything, so its major strengths lie in the group of girls. 

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