Saikano: Another Love Song

OVA (2 eps)
3.554 out of 5 from 1,960 votes
Rank #3,035

Lieutenant Mizuki, an officer of high standing in the Japanese Armed Forces, has served her country dutifully, sacrificing everything she knows and loves – including her own body. As a prototype weapon of immeasurable power, she willingly did away with the life of a normal woman to serve and protect as a fighter unmatched. With the advent of a stronger and more efficient weapon by the name of Chise, however, Mizuki feels strangely put out and unneeded. Through this vacant and seemingly-normal replacement, however, Mizuki learns a lot more about herself than any military service could have taught her...

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Wyr3d Feb 11, 2013
Score 0.5/10

I know that OVA are never that great compared with the real story, but these two are freakin dreadful. It detracts from the original storyline, and seeks to undermine it. Don't bother watching if you don't wish to ruin what you felt watching the real story.  read more

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