Sabagebu! Survival Game Club

Alt title: Sabagebu!

TV (12 eps)
3.662 out of 5 from 3,435 votes
Rank #3,507
Sabagebu! Survival Game Club

Momoko's family moves a lot, so she's always "that new girl" and the schools she's attended have all blurred together. Until her first day at Aogiri High, that is, where she's rescued by an armed vigilante, assaulted by a platypus and coerced into joining a secret organization of gun-toting female commandos. Okay, maybe that last one is really just the school's survival club, but the platypus is real and so are the extremes that club president Miou is willing to execute to recruit Momoko. Can uber-jaded Momoko's body armor-clad heart resist the charms of a girl who's all too ready to whip out her twin Desert Eagles in defense of another girl's virtue? Especially when it turns out that Momoko has her own talent for air pistols and senseless violence? 

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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This is a slapstick comedy action anime which will leave you bursting in laughter and you will rarely experience this short heavy laughter in any other anime, probably. Also, the B/W interjection of the narrator makes things even funnier. Unlike other anime, the main character is so hilarious and greedy which is why this masterpiece is so beautiful. And whatever science you studied in your high school wont be applicable here! Illogical anime like these should be a real sweet between a bitter meal. Makes you feel really comfortable and revives your mood if it's in crisis. But as soon as you finish this anime, you will thrive for more and when the time goes, you will slowly forget this anime. But Hey! That's ​why this piece is made! Watch, enjoy, and move on. I'm not telling you it's not worth being your favourite, it's just not worth remembering. Honestly, i really REALLY enjoyed watching this but I can't rate it above 8. And here's why.Story (5/10)As every other comedy main anime, this too really doesn't have a story. You could say its episodic, almost. Every episode will have 3 short stories, whether it be fighting for a chair or death racing in Australia. But that really suits this anime and thats what make the comedies happen. If i was the mangaka, I would've done the same too. But I can't really give points for the lack of story, even though i enjoyed it.Animation (7/10)Manga adaptations like these can only use the artstyle from the manga, and the manga's art was not that great. But, this sloppy artstyle was not wasted and was used efficiently to dress the comedy beautifully. And of course they used the chibis in a great manner. They were really cute.Sound (8/10)Even though most of the people wont notice this fact, the BGMs played a major role in making the humor. They really did and the BGMs were really great. The OP and ED was not worth mentioning, but the BGMs were a masterpiece.Characters (7/10)ALL the female characters were cute except the male ones. The female charas were carefully designed to please the male audience and they also designed the male characters to give a bad look. Well, maybe thats what we appear to the female society. Almost all the males were some kind of perverts or otakus. I really don't care about that fact since this anime is targeted for the female audience and we all know men aren't like that. The cute female charas will blind you!Overall (6.5/10)If you really have a lot of time, maybe after your exam or in vacation (i watched this in vacation), then this is worth trying. Also watch this if you feel bored of continuously watching action anime. The action in this anime will not bore you! But, if you are the type of guy who watches anime to get attached to it or get feels about it, then this is not the one for you. Although the last episode had some feels :-: . But hey! This is Sabagebu!

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